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Tongue Tie Stories From Real Moms

Tongue Tie Stories From Real Moms Like most pregnant women, there are hundreds of things you’ll find to worry about; such as labor, how your life will change, or the possibility of your baby getting sick. Some parents end up having difficulties with breastfeeding but most don’t consider that tongue tie could be an issue. If you’re concerned about tongue tie, here’s a blog with some stories from real life moms who experienced tongue tie with their newborn. 


Caring For Your Baby After Tongue Tie Separation

Caring For Your Baby After Tongue Tie Separation Tongue tie is a fairly common condition in newborn babies; more so in boys than girls. The skin joining the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is shorter than normal, which can cause difficulties in breast or bottle feeding. It’s considered a hereditary condition, seeing as there are no known causes. Tongue tie can be easily corrected using a quick and simple surgical procedure. The tongue is separated by cutting the skin below it. In most cases, this can be carried out without anesthetic, as there are hardly any nerve endings under the tongue, and feeding can go back to normal within 24 hours.