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What is wind? 

Babies’ digestive systems take some time to develop, so from new born until around 4-6 months they may suffer from gas or trapped wind after feeding, as they can swallow a lot of air at the same time. It can happen with babies who are breast fed and bottle fed, and these pockets of trapped wind cause painful pressure in your baby’s sensitive digestive system leading to cramps, belching, bloating and crying.

Why does your baby suffer from it?

There are lots of reasons for your baby to suffer from trapped gas:

  • Too much air ingested during feeding
  • Overfeeding, and your baby’s little tummy being unable to cope
  • Lactose allergies
  • If they cry excessively, they can gulp in excess air which can lead to wind becoming trapped

How can the Babocush help relieve symptoms of wind and trapped gas in babies?

Doctors and health professionals recommend that you take time after feeding your baby to help them bring up wind by holding them upright or over your shoulder to burp them. The Babocush is great for this, as it holds your baby in the ‘over the shoulder’ position, so you can pop your baby on the Babocush immediately after a feed for instant relief from wind and gas pains. Tummy time is also great for helping to push out trapped gas, and the Babocush provides safe and comfortable tummy time for your baby whenever they need it.

Buy Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion

The babocush comes with shaped foam mattress, outer fleece cover with harness, quilted mattress protector and 3 x speed vibration with heartbeat sounds (rocker and batteries must be purchased separately).

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What the professionals say

  • We know that premature babies are prone to reflux and colic. Parents who have used the Babocush have told us that their babies responded well to being placed on it as it can help relieve symptoms of reflux and colic.

    CEO, TinyLife
  • Babocush is an incredibly clever and fantastic product that all parents should consider having as part of their new born product lineup. Curled up inside a mother's womb for most of their life, babies are used to the comfort of a snuggly warm uterus, the gentle rock of Mom's movement, the vibrating pulse of the abdominal aorta, and the hypnotizing beat of her heart. Once earth side, these comforts drastically change and prove to be a difficult transition for many babies. Manifestations of this major change may include excess gas, colic, fussiness, and sleep disturbance. This product is so smart as it is designed to closely mimic all of the above with it's curved shape, gentle vibration and heartbeat, and rock/sway of which ever base you choose. I highly recommend this product as it not only comforts baby in a safe and ergonomic position, but also allows rare self-care time that most new parents find impossible to accomplish.

    Dr. Zehra Gajic, B.Sc(Hons), D.C., Maple Ridge Wellness Centre
  • The best way to encourage optimal development of your baby’s spine and future postural alignment is to give them plenty of tummy time.The Babocush offers a calming and safe place for your baby to lie on their tummy. I love recommending the Babocush to my young patients to help with their development, colic and reflux. As a mum of premature twins, I wish the Babocush had been available when they were babies!

    Dr Zara Valentine, Osteopath
  • Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the babocush. It arrived Friday and my 8 week old, Bailey settled down and fell asleep on it within minutes, I was so relieved I cried. Bailey has been suffering with severe reflux and vomiting so traditional swings and laying on her back have not been an option for us due to choking. After weeks of holding her upright while also caring for my 3 year old, the babocush is an amazing alternative that keeps Bailey safe and happy. I no longer have hours of crying every evening and can lie her down without fear of her choking and aspirating. Thank you again,

    Danielle xxx
  • After 30 minutes each on the Babocush (and lots of gas passed!) I finally have 3 sleeping babies and 20 minutes to cat nap before they all eat again!!! I love our Babocush!

    Happy Customer
  • Ryden has lots of problems with gas and silent reflux. We tried every bouncer and swing but as soon as he was placed on his back he would start screaming. He also has had to have ear procedures done and it makes it hard for him to get comfortable so he has only slept an hour max for the first 7 weeks. The Babocush has been the perfect solution for every ailment, and even better it is an INSTANT solution. We are all finally getting some much needed rest and Ryden's whole disposition has changed. Thank you so much!

    Ryden's Story