Babocush Colic Cushion

The ultimate solution for fussy babies

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Our Story

How the Babocush was Born

When my son Harry was born, he was only settled and content when resting against my chest. He cried in his bouncer, cried in his pram and cried in his cot – he even cried in his car seat. And so my quest for designing the ultimate swaddling cushion with soothing sounds and motion began!

- Kerry Nevins, Founder

Babocush soothes, comforts & relieves newborns

Babocush USP - Baby face icon

Reduces crying from colic

The babocush helps prevent colic by holding your baby securely just like you do and has the extra comfort of a gentle vibration and heartbeat sound.

Babocush USP icon - Relieves Wind

Relieves wind

You can pop your baby on the babocush immediately after a feed for instant relief from wind / gas pains.

Babocush USP icon - Airways Relax

Allows airways to relax

The babocush holds your baby in a very natural position, allowing the airways to relax and stay open as opposed to sitting slumped over in a bouncer, rocker or car seat.

Babocush USP - Baby icon

Reduces crying from reflux

You can adjust the incline of the babocush, ensuring your baby is the correct position to prevent acid reflux.

Babocush USP icon - Happy baby

Reduces startle reflex

With the body, hands, feet, side of face and head in contact with the babocush, your baby will not experience startling.

Babocush USP icon - Prevents Flat Head Syndrome

Reduces flat head syndrome

The babocush provides essential recommended tummy time. Newborn babies skulls are so soft that flattening of the head will occur if not enough tummy time is provided.

Happy Baby, Happy you

Babocush baby cushion attached to the Mamaroo bouncer

Ultimate Support

The lux-velour mattress and 5-point quilted harness provide ultimate support and safety for your baby’s neck, back and torso

Calming Vibrations

The cushion features internal vibrations and heartbeat sounds to comfort and hold your baby just like you do

Babocush baby cushion attached to the baby bouncer

Compatible with Ergonomic Bouncer

Pairs perfectly with our ergonomic bouncer! The natural bounce and silky soft double jersey fabric provide a comforting place for rest and play

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What the Professionals Say

Dr. Zehra Gajic, Maple Ridge Wellness Centre

I highly recommend this product as it not only comforts baby in a safe and ergonomic position, but also allows rare self-care time that most new parents find impossible to accomplish.

Dr. Zara Valentine, Osteopath

The best way to encourage optimal development of your baby’s spine is to give them plenty of tummy time. The Babocush offers a calming and safe place for your baby to lie on their tummy. I recommend the Babocush to my young patients to help with their development, colic and reflux.

Deirdre Brady, CEO Tinylife

We know that premature babies are prone to reflux and colic. Parents who have used the Babocush have told us that their babies responded well to being placed on it as it can help relieve symptoms of reflux and colic.

Why Parents Love Babocush

Babocush baby McEvoy

Our son loves it

Babocush has saved us as parents. Our son loves his cushion. My back was hurting from holding him because he’s so colicky and has gas AND reflux. We changed bottles and formula and still we couldn’t catch a break. Babocush really is the way to go!

Emily Chavez

A Life Saver

Got our comfort cushion Wednesday as our last ditch effort to find something that worked on our colicky and refluxy 6 week old. It has been a LIFE SAVER!! She immediately calms down and falls asleep when we put her on it. Thank you so much!

Amy Bocchino

Babocush baby Shimmen

Love it!

We love our comfort cushion! Our little one has very bad reflux which has caused us to be hospitalized a few times. Our doctors love the cushion too because it has helped our little one so much. She is only 1 month old. Down the road we would like to purchase another one to donate to our children’s hospital so other parents can get a chance to use this device. Thank you!

Mollie Carstens

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