Customer Reviews

"The babocush truly works wonders! It has been so helpful in alleviating Antonello’s reflux and colic symptoms! He settles immediately when we put him on it. A perfect way to do tummy time! It’s amazing how we didn’t need to give his prescription for reflux because of this! A total game changer!"  Charlene Yamat

"The babocush has been an absolute life saver! Leo loves resting on it, it’s vibration & gentle heartbeat sound really comforts him, meaning Leo can settle while mummy gets through her never ending to do list!" – Rosland Shimmen 

"Genius invention!" - Lacey Turner

"One of the biggest accomplishments in this short 5 months is how well our baby has become adjusted to tummy time. Acid reflux has rocked Gracelyn’s world and thanks to our babocush we have been able to do tummy time without a screaming fit the minute she lays down. It’s been so nice to see her lifting up her head and getting in all that much needed time to continue to grow and flourish." – Kimmy Manzo

“Ellie has bad reflux/colic which makes her cranky mostly in the afternoons and she refuses to be put down. What has saved my sanity is our babocush, it has helped her so much and tummy time is a breeze now. She’s only 2 months and has got amazing head control while using her babocush.”  Nayeli

"Boy, do I wish we had this thing when we were struggling so much with colic. Oh well, we know for next time! Now we’re using it for less monstrous behavior during tummy time…” – Kaley Margaret

"The babocush has been a lifesaver since we got it 2 months ago. My baby was born a month early and has horrible silent reflux so he can not sleep on his back. Being able to put him on the babocush allows us both to have some independence." Jamie Michele Chaffin

 "Absolutely LOVE my daughter's babocush! The soothing heartbeat means I can sneak off to prepare dinner while she is settled on it. It also allows me to help my older child with his homework, while she is snuggling her babocush. Fantastic product, we love it!" Sarah Jade

"I absolutely love the babocush! Our first born was really fussy and every time we turned around was getting sick or acting colicky. On nights he couldn’t settle, the babocush was the only way to get him comfortable and into a restful sleep! Of course we kept it to use with our second and this is the first night we’ve used it (he’s six weeks old). SUCCESS! Out in just a few minutes and resting comfortably! We love our babocush!" Desiree Robinson


 "In my opinion, this cushion is worth its weight in gold and then some. I would recommend it to every parent with a fussy baby. Thank you for making this magical product!" Lauren Luppino

“My little boy loves this to bits, really helps with his colic and trapped wind. Whenever he is in pain we pop him in this and he calms down within seconds. Would definitely recommend and I will be keeping in case I have another!” – Annie Sullivan

“We absolutely love the babocush! It took a few tries for my boy but once he calms down after a minute or two he loves it!!! It totally relaxes him, calms him and he is able to get good sleep! He is 6 weeks tomorrow and this has been a lifesaver for us!! Give it a chance and don't expect it to be a miracle worker the first try after 30 seconds. It takes a little time but then you can't imagine newborn life without it!” – Jessica Vigil-Green


“It’s the best thing ever invented, my little one has bad reflux would wake up every two hours but now with this he can sleep almost 4-6 hours without waking up. I recommend to any mom having trouble with reflux or colic or just a fussy baby.” – Ryan Brittany Franco

"Our son is 2 months old and the babocush pillow has been a lifesaver for his fussiness, gas issues, and colic. He will get so upset and frustrated and everything we try he just can’t calm down. It’s the most wonderful thing we could have ever gotten for his peace and our sanity as new parents." – Jennifer Salgado

"I bought this for a friend whose newborn was constantly crying - in the hope the positive reviews were true! My friend described its effects as ‘nothing short of a miracle’. Needless to say it is now my go-to gift for new parents - which seems to be most of my friends these days!! I can not recommend this highly enough, and I know I speak for a few people!"  – David Fearon


"Our son had so much gas and was so uncomfortable. It made us feel terrible that we couldn’t find relief for him but the moment we placed him on the babocush it was almost like it went away instantly! I highly recommend this product and can’t say enough good things about it." –  Kimberly McCarver

"This was amazing for my little baby boy when he had silent reflux, it soothed him immediately as he was too little & young to be sleeping on his tummy, a little time on babocush worked a treat and the service I received from ordering to delivery was second to none definitely recommend" – Emma Madeley

"My son was struggling with acid reflux. He wasn’t sleeping well and would only sleep if we held him. Extremely tired and frustrated we began reading about ways to help me. I came across this amazing product on facebook. We decided it was worth a try. BEST DECISION...EVER." – Nicole Anthony Hernandez


“Babocush, I hope you truly realise how important your invention has become for first time mummies. Having feelings of hopelessness is problematic when you have a colic baby especially when you’re a mum who is sleep deprived. Your company deserves to be awarded for excellence in innovation & customer support. I have read every worthwhile comment, some bringing me to tears...  Congratulations babocush for making a product that is truly needed everywhere. With sincere thanks.”  – Rhonda Blackwell

“Nico has reflux and this little piece of equipment here has been a life saver to keep this little guy happy!”    Nathalia 

“My little 5 week old premmie (33 weeker) loves his babocush and is instantly calm. I so wish I had this for my other son when he was a new-born! Thank you!”


“I would have loved this invention 23 years ago when my daughter was born. We didn’t get more than 2 hours sleep for at least a year and 4 hours sleep by time she was two and as a baby I couldn’t even put her down to go to the toilet . She also had and oesophageal stenosis, dairy and citrus intolerance and because of this I breast fed her for 2 years m. Her reflux was so bad she regularly turned blue. Luckily being a nurse and midwife I knew what to do but I can empathise with every mother out there who lives with babies with this. Thankfully and as the doctors at Great Ormond Street said she gradually grew out of these as she got bigger and is a healthy 23 year old with very healthy diet. People who dismiss reflux and colic have absolutely no idea how hard and the anguish we go through with our babies. So pleased to see someone has now come up with something as good as this.”

“Katerina LOVES her babocush. She is five weeks old and I wish I had this when she was born. She actually slept most of yesterday when she was not eating, instead of crying for 8 hours straight!”

“Thank you thank you thank you so much for this!  Had another rough night and I put him on the babocush and instantly he was so calm.  Again there aren't enough words to express my gratitude to you!! I know this is going to be a life saver for him and I.”   Kristie Smith


“I bought The babocush for my baby who has colic, silent reflux and a milk intolerance and didn't know about this for the first 5-6 weeks then saw an advert and bought one and this really is my miracle cushion because it calms down a very distressed baby very quickly and helps to bring up some of the wind that's trapped. It also really helps with the scary choking she does with the silent reflux - I can't recommend this enough, it's a great cushion and worth every penny.” - Kirsty

“I purchased this a little late (when my baby was 3months) but it still worked like a charm. Sent her straight to sleep and she was relaxed whenever on it! Highly recommend this product but get it for when they are newborns! I only found out about it later on but will be using this for my next baby! Well worth the investment” - Sheniz Douglass 

 “So I bought a babacush b4 baby no 5 arrived knowing I have gassy and windy babys usually wiv colic and acid reflux. I used it and was disappointed that my rainbow baby aurora-belle was not happy on it and would not stay put wiv out crying. After some advice from the company and some tip she has been on it for most of the day happy as larry. Love it.”- Sophie-joy Friend 


“100% recommend this product. My 7wk old has lots of tummy issues which keeps him awake crying all the time. The Babocush brings him so much needed comfort and rest. It is the best baby product I have ever purchased for him.” - Stephanie Burkhart-Thompson  

“Love this! We recieved the Babocush from a friend and are so happy with it. My 5 week old baby isnt crazy colicky, but sometimes does have his crying/screaming moments. When I can’t calm him down myself, I place him on the Babocush (fastened to his swing) and he calms right down and falls asleep.” - Kelli Beeson  

“Our babocush saved us with our preemie baby. We were to the point of exhaustion where we would try anything. We have had every seat known to man and the only one that worked for us was her babocush on her swing. We also used the vibration setting which she loved/loves. LIFESAVER.” - Brooke WM 


“I would 100% recommend the babocush! My newborn settles lovely on it, the first time he wasn’t so keen but on the second go I laid him on his own snuggie blanket and he was happy and calm until he fell asleep. This baby is my third and I just wish I had a babocush with my first because he had awful colic.” - Alexandria Holdsworth 

“My son loves his babocoush. He was really calm on it and didn’t want to get off; as soon as I got him off the Cushion he started crying he felt much better on it so I would recommend it to all the parents for their babies.” - Shamella Omer

“My son loves his babocush, he has really bad reflux so we put him on after every feeding and it's been making it so much easier.” - Eli Gillum 


“My grandson loves it and feels content when we put him on the babocush. He hated it for the first month but we kept trying it and now he loves it.” Lisa Salazar  

“One of the best purchases yet. My little one is one very fussy baby. Between being colic and having acid reflux nothing I did seemed to help, until I purchased this!! I highly recommend this!” - Christine Ofstein  

“Off all the things you can buy a baby this is my number 1 item. Tips to parents stick with it put baby on it when there relaxed to get used to it, it really does work.” - Olivia Pender 


“Purchased with my first baby but it's been a life saver with baby #2. She has been slowly having more problems with reflux and only wanting to lay on me. This allows her to get relief and I am able to spend time with my toddler! Definitely recommend this pillow for babies with reflux!” - Kristi Slowikowski   

“I absolutely love this product. There's no way for her to suffocate cause it's so firm. When your baby fall asleep cuddled to you they actually have such a hard time lying on their back... lay them on the Cush and it's all good.” -  Shika Gee  

“We love everything about it. Our son suffers with acid reflux. This has been a lifesaver.” - Lynnette Konecny  

“I purchased the babocush when my son Quinn was 8 weeks old as I was at my wits end. Quinn has acid reflux and would not settle unless held by me. He did not like the chest to chest position on me, he preferred to be on his side tummy to tummy, so I was concerned he wouldn’t take to the cush. The babocush team where amazing and answered every ridiculous question I emailed them whilst I spent the best part of two weeks deciding on whether or not to buy one. It has been a god send; he went off on it pretty much straight away. His reflux has started to subside now but he still loves the Cush when he’s over tired or its witching hour. I wish I’d have purchased one week ago. Thank you to the babocush team.” - Deana Giles   

“We love our Babocush as much as our little girl does. It gives me enough time between snuggles to pump, shower, or make dinner for the family. I wish I had one 11 years ago with my first baby. I would 100% recommend this product.” - Suzanne Armitstead Aguiar  

 “Love Love Love the Baboucush cushion!!! This product is definitely worth the money & it’s lovely to see our little man super relax in it!!! This is a must have essential baby item!!! Yes Yes Yes” - Christie Marie  

“My daughter loves the Babo Cush. She was premature with severe reflux and cannot be laid flat. The Babo Cush allows us to lay her with her head above her belly very easily.” - Randi Decker  

“I absolutely love it my daughter wasn’t settling always in pain from colic since I’ve brought this product I have a happy baby she is now sleeping through the night at 12 weeks highly recommend.” -  Tasha Tasha 

“The best thing they’ve ever invented for gas and colicky babies. It works wonders for my son.” - Jae Rowley 


“Baby Harris loves his Babocush. When he has his wee spells of reflux we pop him on & he settles right away. Fabulous! Brilliant for getting chores done.” - Kirsty McClure

“Great for baby’s who constantly want to be held.”- Lisa Yates

“Hello, I live in Minas Gerais Brazil, I bought Babocush online and my little girl Rebecca loved it.” - Josy X Bruno


“Amazing product! It soothed my little girl in an instant. Cannot recommend it highly enough... THANK YOU Babocush x” - Eleanor Steane

“Fabulous product - a must for new Mums.” - Barbara McMinnis

“I tried the Babocush with my little girl (5 weeks old). She wasn’t too keen to go on it when she was crying but once she was settled she was very happy on it and loved being on her tummy. It’s good to get her off her back and with design of the straps it was a safe way to let her learn to lift her head. She has the cold/cough and we noticed her breathing was a lot better and clearer on the Babocush. It gave her relief from the heavy breathing and stuffy nose! Highly recommended product x” - Laura Clarke 

“Just got our babocush yesterday for 2-week old baby no. 8! Even with so many children there is still something new to discover. Nathaniel loves his babocush and although we are not yet dealing with colic much at this stage I believe that this cushion will help me a great deal! I think this is one of the best inventions for babies so far. Thank you so much, God bless the inventor and her family!” - Richi Janine Febres  

“I ordered one from the UK on Tuesday afternoon and it has just arrived here in Australia lunchtime Friday amazing service and great tracking from all concerned I knew where my delivery was at all times. Haven't used it yet (still waiting for the arrival of baby) but so far so good. Thank you I think that rates as the best OS delivery I have had. I have ordered this for the arrival of our grandchild due in the next few weeks - very excited.” - Jennifer McEvoy 

“I love recommending the Babocush for my baby patients to help with sleep, spine development, colic and reflux. As a mum of premature twins, I wish the Babocush has been available when they were babies!”- Zara Valentine

“I absolutely love the babocush. My 2 week old daughter loves to lie on me cuddled in so if she's lying on the cush it means I can get some things done. It's great for her head control too; I love watching her lift her head & try to move around. The vibrations & heartbeat sent her off to sleep this morning which was great as we had a sleepy morning. Thank you.” -  Carrie Docherty

“Fabulous product!! We had a little guy who was 7 weeks early, reflux and quite unsettled. The relaxing feel of the babocush really helped Harrison sleep during the day, giving me time to look after my one year old.” - Heather Shanks Burns 

“The babocush is a brilliant product and works a treat. The customer service is 10/10. Very happy indeed. Thanks again.” - Lowell McCreadie

“I have an extremely refluxy colicky baby. As soon as we put him on it he calmed. He loves being on his belly and it's great for tummy time. The harness is very supportive and I know he's safe when on his babocush.” - Keely Hass 

“Grand baby approved!!! 2 day old premie was fussy, put him on the Babocush and he immediately settled and slept. Best decision I have made in a long time wish this had been around with my kids. Thank you Babocush.”- Kim Tawater Decuir

“My son had flat head syndrome and didn't like tummy time very much. The babocush encouraged him along by holding him in a comfortable position. He built his neck muscles slowly but surely and now he is 2 years old and his head is in perfect shape, which is great due to the lack of hair (on the male side) that seems to follow in our family.”-  Suzanne Smith 

“My baby didn't have colic or reflux but he was extremely unsettled and fussy, wanting to be held over my shoulder at all times. He absolutely hated being set down on his back in his crib or rocker - this was really stressful for me as I wasn't able to get anything done or give my full attention to my 2 year old. The Babocush was a godsend for us - it fitted perfectly on my Chicco rocker and he would happily stay on it as long as I needed. He was so comfy and relaxed on it (especially with the vibration on) that he would often fall asleep. The design is so good that when this happened it was so easy to undo the Velcro straps and transfer him to his crib as quickly and quietly as possible! A 5* product, highly recommend.” - Laura Fretwell 

“Hi. I tried the babocush for the first time yesterday. Prior to this I had to hold my baby boy upright for him to take a nap since he has acid reflux. I was able to put him on the babocush for the first time and get some things done around the house. This thing is awesome and at first he fusses but just as the video says he calms down within a few seconds or so. Thank you for this product.” - S Dot McPherson

“I am in love with this cushion and my baby's new level of comfort. Yes yes and yes!” - Kristen Baker

“Just got the babocush after anxiously awaiting for a month! They were out of stock for quite some time.. But whenever I emailed for updates they were always kind and quick to respond. After a month’s waiting its day 1 and she loves the cushion!” - Lindsay Diaz 

“I just received this product today. My son is a month old and I have struggled to even put him down for 5 seconds. He has been in it for maybe 10 minutes and is ASLEEP. I highly recommend this. Must have for sure!!” - Ashley Dawn Brant 

“Great stuff a bit dear but worked for colic babies.” - Jackie Nguyen

“The best thing I have ever bought...I think it's a must! I love the lady who invented the babocush...I owe her my life x” - Stacey Barrow

“Truly love this product can't say enough great things about it just know it's a Godsend x” - Denise Sarah

“My son Mason was born with a clubfoot and has to wear special shoes attached to a bar 23 hours a day for 3 months after his operation. For that he hates lying on his back. He also suffering with reflux and was born too early. So the Babocush saved us from a lot of hours with Mason crying! Thank you Babocush from the bottom of my heart! It has made such a huge different for us! More than you know!” - Benedikte Mia Ahrensberg

“I am in Canada and ordered the Babocush after seeing ads for it on Facebook. My new arrival was pretty gassy and because of this got the most comfort sleeping on his belly, on my chested during the day. This made it hard with a sleeping baby on me, to give my 2.5 year old the attention she wanted/needed during the day. The Babocush has been a miracle; baby now is able to have a great nap for a few hours, while I am now free to entertain a toddler. Completely worth the money and I would highly recommend if you are at all on the fence regarding this product.” - Pamela Gates

“Babocush is a god-send for parents who have children that need something a bit different to make them feel comfortable. Babocush is a simple, well designed solution for parents that want the best for their children.” -Eric Clare


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