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Mother's Day as a new mum

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and for new mums it’s a very special milestone, but at the same time for many new mums it’s a day like any other –...

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How the Babocush can help your baby's reflux problems

If you read all the parenting books you could get your hands on before you welcomed your baby into the world, then no doubt you had a fair idea of...

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Coping with colic - old wives’ tales and new ideas

For any parent with a baby suffering from colic you know how upsetting it is for your baby to be crying in such discomfort, and feeling so helpless that you...

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5 reasons why you should buy a Babocush today

We’ve been featured in a lot of press recently which we’re so proud of and grateful for, but we thought you’d still appreciate hearing directly from us the 5 reasons why...

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Using the Babocush to look after mum's wellbeing too

Being a mum makes you a master multi-tasker, whether it came naturally or not – you were simply given no other choice. Adapting and rising to the challenges of daily...

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How to relieve colic

Infant Colic  You bring your newborn home and for weeks you marvel at your baby who does little more than sleep, eat, poop and cry once in a while. Then...

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