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What is tummy time and why is it important for your baby?

Any new parent has likely heard of ‘tummy time’, an essential activity for any baby as they grow and develop. But how do you start it? Why is tummy time...

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Tips and techniques on how to massage your new baby

Baby massage is a great way to relax and bond with your baby, and it also has some great health benefits for your baby too, like helping your baby relax...

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Customer Story: Nikki Arnold, and how the Babocush helped her premature son Wyatt

Being a parent to a new born is stressful enough, without even considering the extra challenges involved when your baby is premature. New mum Nikki was kind enough to share...

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Why Is Routine Important for Babies?

It might seem a bit prohibitive but establishing a routine for your baby is very important to stabilize your baby’s life in their early development. It doesn’t all have to...

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Safety series: Safety and securely strapped in

The latest in our blog post safety series addresses a question that we hear quite often from parents – “Can my baby fall out of the Babocush?” The answer is...

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Why holding your baby is so important

Every new parent has heard it all before – ‘Don’t pick him up too often, you’ll spoil him!’, or ‘You’ll be up all night if you keep picking her up’....

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