5 reasons why you should buy a Babocush today

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We’ve been featured in a lot of press recently which we’re so proud of and grateful for, but we thought you’d still appreciate hearing directly from us the 5 reasons why you should buy a Babocush today and all the wonderful benefits it can bring to you and your baby as you embark on this beautiful journey together. Read on for the reassurance you crave in knowing that buying a Babocush is really one of the best things you can do for you and your baby. 

  1. Rigorously tested so it’s 100% safety approved for your baby

I knew that baby safety was absolutely paramount when it came to developing the Babocush, so while still in the early research stage, I met with the head of respiratory at Royal Victoria Hospital to discuss my prototype. The reports came back that your baby’s position in the Babocush is simply perfect – it’s safe and comfortable and keeps the baby’s head back so that the airways stay open, so this makes it totally safe for your baby to rest in. Coupled with the soft 5-point harness which holds your baby securely means you have total peace of mind. 

  1. Provides much needed ‘tummy time’ 

New born babies love being held against you, and you’ll no doubt know how quickly they can go from being calm and content to crying when you move them from this position. While it’s not ideal to have them on their backs for prolonged periods of time as it can lead to flat head syndrome, it’s not always practical or realistic for you to hold your baby continually. The Babocush helps because it holds your baby securely and provides this ‘tummy time’, as well as gentle vibrations and a soothing heartbeat sound which mimics the womb conditions and allow your baby to settle peacefully. 

  1. Reduces baby’s stress hormones

No parent wants their baby to be upset, and when your baby cries excessively it floods their delicate systems with stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline, and distresses both baby and parent. The Babocush can help to relieve some of this discomfort by helping your baby to relax quickly and get a little relief. It’s also ideal for helping to get up wind and easing the symptoms of reflux or colic which many new born babies can suffer from. 

  1. Gives mum some control back

Do you remember the last time you sat down to a meal with your family? Or had a spare 15 minutes to fold laundry? If these sound like distant memories, then it’s simply another reason why you should buy a Babocush today, as it’s great for helping mum’s to balance a family life with a new born – something we all know can be a huge challenge. Check out our recent blog post about how the Babocush can be just as good for mum’s wellbeing as baby’s

  1. 5-star customer reviews from parents just like you

Don’t just take our word for it - the Babocush is used by parents all over the world, who have consistently rated us as ‘Excellent’. You can read all about their stories and experiences on our website, and you’ll also find our FAQ section which should answer any lingering questions you might have about whether the Babocush is right for you and your baby. 

We love hearing back from our customers so please leave us a review about how the Babocush helped you and your baby. Thanks for reading, Kerry x


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