5 Ways to Help Soothe a Teething Baby

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Teething may be a normal milestone in a baby’s life, but there is no denying that it can have an impact on your little one. As well as being uncomfortable for your baby, living with a teething baby can be stressful for the whole family. Teething can leave your baby feeling irritated, and they may wake up more frequently during the night, and be grumpy during the day.

If your baby is teething, you may be wondering how you can help them and relieve their discomfort. These five tips will help you to soothe your teething baby and make the teething experience much easier for everyone.

1. Have Teething Toys Ready

Teething Toys

Noticing that your baby is biting down on anything and everything at home usually is one of the first signs that your baby is teething. Having teething toys ready to give to your child will provide them with something safe to bite down on to ease their discomfort. Many teething toys can be placed in the freezer before giving them to your baby to help cool and soothe their gums. 

Teething toys like the Matchstick Monkey can provide ultimate comfort for your baby when teething as they can help soothe your little one's pain at the source with fun, flexible teethers that get teething gel to the right places!


2. Speak to Your Pediatrician

Speak to your pediatrician about baby’s teething.

Speaking to your pediatrician is a good idea if you are concerned about your baby’s teething. Your pediatrician may be able to recommend some suitable pain relief such as ibuprofen, to help your little one. If you are unsure if teething is the reason that your baby is unsettled, then it is important to get advice from your pediatrician.


3. Night-time Soothing

Night-time can be the most challenging time when your baby is teething. You may find that you are up with them frequently throughout the night and that it’s more difficult than usual to get them settled and back to sleep. Making your little one comfortable at night and soothing them back to sleep can help. White noise is especially useful for calming babies and helping them to drift off to sleep.


4. Ease Irritation

Teething Baby

Along with the discomfort of those first teeth pushing their way through your baby’s gums, teething also has some other uncomfortable side effects for your baby. Teething babies drool more than usual, which can cause irritation and soreness around their mouth and may give them diarrhea. To prevent these side effects from making your baby more uncomfortable, it is a good idea to make sure that you change their diaper regularly and that you wipe away drool from around their mouth before it causes any soreness or irritation.


5. Give Lots of Cuddles

While teething may be a completely natural stage for your baby, there is no denying that it leaves them feeling uncomfortable and unsettled. Try not to get too stressed about your baby teething and being grumpier than usual, as they may sense your stress. Staying calm and focusing on giving them lots of cuddles to soothe and comfort them is sometimes the best solution for an unsettled, teething baby. Teething won’t last forever, and before you know it, your little one will have a healthy set of teeth.

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