7 tips to soothe a crying baby

7 tips to soothe a crying baby

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All babies cry, and some cry a lot.  In fact, the average amount of crying in the first three months is two hours a day. Crying is your baby's way of telling you they need something. Not every soothing technique is going to work for every baby all the time but try some of the following tips to help soothe your baby and possibly get some much-needed relief. 

1. Soothing Sounds.

Some babies calm down to rhythmic soothing sounds, which may remind them of hearing a heartbeat in the womb. Try out different background sounds. For example - a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or fan may work to block out the noises that may startle your baby when they’re trying to settle. If the sound seems to work, record it on your mobile phone so you can play it when your baby is upset.

2. Swaddling.

Many parents have found that swaddling helps their babies to relax, settle down faster and sleep longer. Swaddling your baby in tightly wrapped blankets keeps your baby feeling cosy and secure as this creates a womb-like feeling. Some babies prefer leaving their arms out of the swaddle and this can be easily achieved by placing them with the blanket's top edge at armpit level instead of at chin-level.

3. Position.

For the most part, crying babies don’t like being put on their backs. Try holding your baby with their stomach along your forearm or lying across your shoulder. Most babies prefer to be held upright, cradled against your chest.

The babocush is a cushion that cradles your baby - rocking them gently on their stomach, which can help with issues like reflux, common and troubling in very small babies. It also provides gentle vibration and a simulated heartbeat. These features work together to calm and relax your baby naturally. The babocush cushion soothes your baby so you both can get some much-needed rest.

4. Swinging and rhythmic movement.

Many crying babies find comfort in smooth, rhythmic movements, like being rocked in a rocking chair, bouncy seat, or infant or motorized swing.  Fresh air can also work wonders. Take your baby for a walk in a pram. This change in light, air, temperature, sights and sounds should improve your baby's mood. And if the weather is bad, try strapping your baby into their car seat and taking a drive. The motion may be all they need to calm down. Try out different types of motion to see what soothes your baby best.

5. Bath time.

Try a warm bath as a regular part of your baby’s bedtime routine. You could even add a few drops of a lavender or chamomile soap to the water to help soothe you and your baby.

6. Use a sling.

Hold your baby or put them in a sling so they're close to you. Move about gently, sway and dance, talk to them and sing. Babies enjoy the feeling of closeness and the rhythm of your steps. The sling is also handy as it leaves your hands free for doing other jobs.

7.  Sing.

Babies react to familiar voices. Sing your baby a gentle lullaby or quietly hum while you hold them, or as they lie on your chest. Your baby will be comforted just by the sound of your voice.

When your baby cries, they are letting you know something is wrong. There may be times of the day when your baby tends to cry a lot and can't be comforted. Figuring out what will soothe your baby may take some trial and error but by trying out some of these handy techniques and tips you will quickly get to know what works for your baby and what doesn’t.


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