Babies weird sleeping habits explained

Does your baby sleep like this? Babies weird sleeping habits explained

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All parents know that it’s important that their baby sleeps correctly, but the truth of the matter is that although there are “textbook” ways to sleep, it doesn’t always work out that way. Your baby will be unique and have their own sleeping styles. Some of these may be cause for concern, but in reality, most slightly weird sleeping habits are entirely innocent. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the more common “strange” sleeping styles, and go through what they could mean. 

Head banging

It can be concerning to check on your baby and see that they’re banging their heads or rolling their head from side to side. While this would be unusual behavior if an adult was doing it, it’s nothing to worry about in your child. It just means that they’re trying to settle themselves down. They typically do it because they have too much energy, but it can also mean they’re over-tired. You’ll find that it’s more likely if you have a baby boy rather than a baby girl. But in any case, they’re not unique; around 10% of babies engage in this type of behavior from around six months until the age of three.

Kicking and twitching

If you notice that your baby is kicking out when they’re asleep, it’s best to check on them, but in most cases, this is nothing at all to worry about. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re having a nightmare either, so there’s no need to comfort them. What’s happening is that their nervous system is responding to external sounds and movements, even though they’re asleep. To check that this is all it is, you can very lightly hold your baby’s limbs down. If the twitching stops, then they’re fine. If your baby fights back against your touch or if you’re concerned at all then it’s best to contact your doctor.


Snoring isn’t only annoying; it can be a little frightening, especially if your little one is making a lot of noise. As a general rule, it’s best to mention any consistent snoring episodes to your doctor, just so that they can rule out any underlying problems. But in nearly all cases, light snoring is nothing to worry about. If they have more unusual breathing sleep issues, such as inconsistent breathing, then again don’t worry. It just sometimes takes a few months for a baby to find their correct sleeping rhythm.


Some babies sweat more than others when they’re asleep; it’s nothing to worry about, even if they’re waking up noticeably damp. It just means they’re a little warm. Take a look at what they’re sleeping in, and look at switching it out for a lighter outfit. If they continue to sweat even when the room is obviously cool, then it’ll be worth mentioning it to your doctor just as a precaution. 

Your baby will sleep better if they have a relaxed body. Look at investing in a babocush so they can settle down before hitting the hay.

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