Expect the unexpected - what really happens when you have a baby by babocush

Expect the unexpected - what really happens when you have a baby?

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After the birth of your baby, you will no doubt be anticipating major changes in your life. It can seem like everyone has a piece of advice, a warning or at least tale to share. Taking on board this level of advice could send you into overdrive, so at babocush we’ve decided to help. Go ahead and boil the kettle, take 5 minutes and read this guide on the changes you might expect to experience in your new life. 

New Bedtime  

It’s beyond a cliché, but your time is no longer your own. New parents are never in need of an alarm clock, as your newborn will decide when it’s time to wake. During the day newborns will generally sleep for 8 hours across three naps, and by the age of one month this will decrease by an hour or more. At night they will sleep for up to 8 or more hours however up until 3 months this will be broken sleep. Your sleep ‘pattern’ is essentially you trying to sleep at the same time as your baby. Learn to postpone non-urgent tasks and when baby naps you should take advantage and get some shut eye.  

For some, adjusting to the new normal and 3am feeds can be straightforward. If you are struggling to make the transition don’t fret, it can take weeks to adjust. Come 3 months, you should establish a bedtime routine that helps your baby unwind and settle into a good sleep. If you are struggling to establish a routine, read more here


Babies cry, they cry often, they cry when they are hungry, tired or agitated at all. This may not come as news to you but knowing how and when to react is important. A baby with colic for example may cry for hours on end. This can cause distress for you, the baby and the wider household. Initially, you will run to your child every time they cry, but this is not always the best thing to do. For example, some babies will cry before going to sleep, especially newborns who are trying to resist sleep and this isn’t anything to worry about.

Over time you will have a better understanding of when to run to your baby and when to step back. First time parents can find elongated bouts of tears stressful, so be sure to accept help from friends and family.


Are your hands free?

You should take advantage of this time, because when your little bundle of joy arrives, you’ll literally have your hands full all the time. Your home can quickly become a myriad of half empty teacups as you desert them to lift your baby. There is no doubt that there are emotional benefits to cuddling your baby, but it’s okay to admit that it can be tiring. Wanting to read a book, watch TV or scroll through Facebook can seem like an impossible task. For your mental well-being it is important you can create a space for yourself and try to stimulate your mind.  

While the babocush is designed to offer contentment to babies, it definitely benefits parents too. As your baby enjoys the gentle heartbeat sound and vibrations along with the comfort of tummy time, you can sit with your baby nearby. The cushion can be attached to a rocker to help soothe your baby during gassy periods, crying fits or before bed. 

More help

If you are preparing yourself for a new addition to your family and would like more advice or someone to talk to, why not join the babocush Babes Facebook group? The group allows parents to share experiences, give tips and offer an online ear. Join the group here.

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