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Great tips for becoming a pro at feeding your newborn

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When you’re new to parenting, every little thing can seem daunting – is your baby sleeping enough, should they be making that noise, how on earth do you fit their arms into a baby grow, but most importantly – are you feeding them right? For parents who already have kids, you’ve got this feeding thing down to a fine art. In fact, you can probably juggle a new born feed, alongside toddler weaning, and still whip up dinner for you and your other half without breaking a sweat. For new parents however, it’s a different story. If, like these stressed parents, you have questions about feeding your new baby you’ve come to the right place – here are some great tips for becoming a pro at feeding your newborn.  

Recognise that feeding can be stressful, and prepare accordingly

Some babies who suffer from colic or reflux can become distressed when it’s time to be fed, as this can add to their discomfort and tummy pains. Naturally, this can also be upsetting for mom and dad, as feeding is supposed to be a bonding time for you both and it’s very difficult to take pleasure in the experience when you see them in pain. Even if your baby doesn’t suffer from colic, feeding can be stressful. There’s the potential for some spit up or throw up, they might need changed very quickly afterwards, and they could demand to be fed when you’re in a rush doing something else or looking after another child – so plan ahead to minimise the stress.

Keep your changing mat close by, with a change of clothes for baby, have a few towels on hand to mop up any spills, and if bottle feeding always keep a ready supply on hand that you have made up in advance. It doesn’t hurt to prepare other meals for yourself or your other children in advance so you can quickly satisfy any hunger cravings with minimal effort. After the first couple of weeks it will become second nature and you’ll wonder why you were ever overwhelmed in the first place.

Establishing good routines

Feeding, much like sleeping, is better for mom and baby when you have an established routine. For the first few weeks of your baby’s life you’ll be at their mercy and they will dictate the schedule (and unfortunately, it rarely syncs with your own). They will need fed around every 3 hours during their first weeks, but as they grow and their digestive system develops they will be able to increase the amount they can take at one time, which should reduce the frequency of feeds too. Look out for the signs of being hungry to help you get better at establishing these routines – bringing their hand to their mouth is a sign they are hungry, as is smacking their lips or turning their head towards your chest. Keep an eye on when your baby is more active too, as they might not like to be fed then.

Remember that burping and bringing up wind and gas is an essential part of the process

Your baby needs to be properly winded after feeding to help bring up trapped air which could lead to them vomiting or suffering from painful indigestion. When it comes to bringing up wind or gas, it’s best to keep your baby in an upright position, and you may find gentle rubbing on their back can help. If you find that this just isn’t working, or that it’s taking too long (aka you have another little person demanding your attention or needing fed too) you might want to try the babocush comfort cushion.

Our clever cushion design is ideal for helping to relieve the symptoms of trapped wind, and best of all it allows you both your hands free again to get on with other things. Simply strap your baby into the babocush, and let the upright position, the soothing vibration and the gentle heartbeat sound relax your baby and help to relive any trapped wind or gas. For new parents struggling with feeding, it’s an absolute lifesaver. Find out more about the amazing benefits of the babocush or order your own today and see first-hand what all the fuss is about.

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