How the Internal Heartbeat of the babocush will help your baby:

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Kangaroo Care:

Kangaroo care is widely recommended across the world as a vital part of a baby’s routine. Kangaroo care is when your baby is placed skin to skin on your chest. Skin to skin has enormous benefits, is fabulous for bonding and can be performed by any family member. In the newborn period skin to skin releases oxytocin (the love hormone) for both baby and parent, regulates your little one’s temperature as well as stabilising their heartbeat and breathing pattern.

Whilst the babocush is not designed to replace skin-to-skin, it is another brilliant alternative during those busy days where there just isn’t enough time in the day or just not enough hands to hold your little one. The babocush plays soothing vibrations with heartbeat sounds that replicate the sound of your voice and beat of your heart. Placing your baby on the babocush is the next best thing to being held in your arms. The babocush settles and soothes your little one and ensures a smooth transition from womb to the outside world, helping them to adjust to their new environment.


Listening to Heartbeats:

During pregnancy when your baby was in the womb they heard low frequency sounds such as their mother’s heart beat and voice (and father’s too!). For little ones, listening to these noises is thought to be what helps form the strong bond between them and their parents. Studies show the benefits for newborn babies when they hear heartbeat sounds after they are born. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have recently found that when sounds similar to those experienced by an unborn baby in the womb are played to premature babies, it improves the growth of their brains, especially the part of the brain that helps them to hear.

The heartbeat sound and soothing vibrations of the babocush mimic the sounds your baby heard in the womb as well as how they heard your heartbeat. These noises will help calm and settle your baby and remind them of when they were in your womb, listening to your heartbeat.

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