How to keep your baby cool in Summer

Bright nights, family holidays and time spent outdoors; the summer is a great time for your family to come together and enjoy a break. If you have children already at school age and a newborn, the summer can be a particularly busy time of year. The added stress and heat can present unique problems for you and your baby, especially with regards to their bodily temperature.

At babocush, we look at methods to keep your baby cool during the summer and ensure they avoid issues like dehydration, heat exhaustion and sunburn.

Keeping your baby hydrated in summer.

Even as adults, we are constantly reminded that we do not pay enough attention to hydration levels, so for your baby, it is vital you focus on hydration. Depending on how you are feeding your newborn, you will need to take a different approach to hydration. If you're breastfeeding, you will not need to add water to your baby's diet but in hot weather, your baby may, however, need more feeds throughout the day. If you are bottle feeding your baby, give them cooled boiled water as well as milk. If they are irritable or fresh from a sleep, opt for milk first and maybe some water later.

For babies who are above 6-months, you can offer a much more diverse diet. At this stage, you can give your baby some sugar-free diluted juice, fruit-based lollies and even ice cubes to cool them down.  

Keeping your baby protected from the sun

Babies have very sensitive skin, hence how some will react to new materials and mark easily when they scratch. The solution for their opening 6 months is to avoid direct sunlight as their underdeveloped skin will burn very easily. A parasol on their pushchair allows you to venture outdoors and keep your baby in the shade.

As your baby grows, there are still some basic rules to follow to keep your baby safe. Consider the time of day when going out with your pushchair, when the sun is at its strongest it can cause discomfort for your baby. When using sunscreen, be thorough in your application and use sun protection factor of at least 15.

Cooling your baby down before bedtime

A baby that is too warm is often an agitated one and when this affects his/her res, it affects your wider household. Cooling your baby down is vital and there are a few ways to do it. during the day keep blinds and curtains drawn to prevent the room from heating up, ideally your bedroom will be between 16C and 20C. Think about what they are wearing to bed, is it too thick or do they need clothes at all?  If your baby is irritated by bedtime clothing, allow them to sleep in a securely tucked in bedsheet and nappy. It is vital that the sheet can not come loose.

A great method of cooling down your baby at night is by giving them a quick bath. Lukewarm water will help cool them, then prepare them for bed. For a lot of parents, the babocush is perfect for the bath-to-bed transition as it allows the baby to settle before bed. The cushion safely holds your baby in on their stomach, while the interior heartbeat imitator sends out gentle vibrations reminiscent of the womb.

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