Juggling Kids and Working From Home

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Public schools have been closed worldwide because of the Covid-19 lockdown, along with many offices, agencies and other places of work. This means that parents are faced with the challenge of juggling work and taking care of their kids at the same time. Businesses have had to rush to get facilities in place for working from home, thankfully with the help of technology, and many families have begun a homeschooling routine. By following these simple tips you’ll be able to get your lockdown situation under control and manage to keep your kids sane as well. 

Communicate with Your Employer

The Covid-19 crisis creates different types of problems for people so it’s important you make sure your employer understands your situation. Be realistic about what you will be able to do from home without interruptions. You will probably need to make some serious changes to your schedule and how you normally do your job. Make this as stress-free as possible by keeping steady communication going with your boss, and assure them that you are doing your best. 

Virtual Babysitters

While you are having a virtual conference on Zoom, why not set up a video chat for your children as well? Make the most of the fact that everyone you know is also on lockdown and there might a family member or friend free to watch your kids via video call. This option is more for older kids rather than babies of course. 

Take Turns

If you’re fortunate enough to have a partner with you and your kids during the Covid-19 lockdown, come up with a way to take turns working and watching the kids. Try to create a closed workspace in the house, where one of you can work, while the other stays in a different room with the kids. Explain to them if they’re old enough that the working parent shouldn’t be disturbed and reward good behaviour if they comply. 

Shake Things Up

Consider the short attention span of both babies and older kids, keep them occupied with different toy rotations and puzzles. Work in shorter bursts and prioritize tasks. Spend a little longer planning your day and include plenty of short breaks. With babies, plan to do more important tasks during nap times or even after bedtime. If you have older kids, plan around their online schooling timetable. 

Plan Child-Led Activities

Prepare in advance, activities your kids can get on with during lockdown that require minimal or no supervision. Set up puzzles and selections of toys. You might want to be a little more relaxed with your screen time rules. This is not a usual situation and Covid-19 is changing everybody’s normal routine. There are options for babies as well so have a look at different apps and programs such as Youtube kids, which has various age settings. Find something that works for your family. 

Getting through lockdown will be challenging for everyone, so don’t forget that your mental health and that of your family should always be your main priority. 

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