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Nursery trends for your new baby room

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Decorating your baby’s room can be a very exciting time, and it’s totally natural to get caught up in it all - after all, it’s pretty common for expectant mums to go through a ‘nesting’ phase prior to baby’s arrival. But what to do with the nursery space? You want this room to be the perfect space for your baby to wake up to every day, and thankfully there’s no shortage of inspiration out there at the moment. To help guide you through this minefield, here are some noteworthy nursery trends for your new baby room to make it a space you’ll both enjoy being in.


Your little one will be in their very own room, so make sure you include lots of personal touches. It’s easy these days to source beautiful hand cut lettering to spell their name out above the crib, or personalised prints with their birthday, time of birth and weight (as much a keepsake for you as well as them!) Try not to go overboard with the personalised touches – don’t forget you’ll probably get a few gifts with these personalised touches on them too

Outdoor and nature themes

When it comes to decorating your baby’s room, the key themes we keep seeing are all about outdoor adventure. Whether it’s a woodland theme (lots of tree prints, soft greens and stuffed animals), an arctic explorer (very popular with predominantly white themed décors) or escapism through magical Narnia-inspired touches it’s never too early to start stoking their little imagination with possibilities for adventure and exploration.

Mural wallpaper

One of the biggest nursery trends we’ve seen recently has been for the preference for wallpaper over paint, and especially large mural style wallpaper instead of small repeating patterns.  In terms of themes, try to pick a wallpaper mural which complements your decorating theme – whether that’s outdoor adventure, woodland creatures or floral accents.

Handmade tee pee

It might be a bit early to start thinking about play spaces and reading nooks for your little one, but as your nursery grows with your child you might want to consider an indoor tee pee in the corner for reading or play. There are so many beautiful examples, like this beautiful mountain themed tee pee, or this simple hanging style tee pee with no sewing required.

Don’t forget the essentials

All the above touches are nice to have, but don’t forget about the essentials when you go to tackle your new baby’s room. Here are a few nursery must-haves to start with:

  • Changing table with all the essentials close to hand (and more nappies than you ever thought possible!)
  • Comfy rocker chair for those night time feeds and cuddles
  • Sturdy dresser or wardrobe (your new baby will have more clothes than you, and grow out of them in the blink of an eye)
  • Crib, with recommended mattress and blankets
  • Baby monitors, so you can hear them all over the house
  • Your Babocush comfort cushion, so that essential tummy time is never far away

Have you decorated your nursery recently? We would love to see the photos! If you’re just getting started with decorating your new baby’s room we hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration and ideas.

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