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In the next post in our safety series, we’re looking at the safety issues around leaving your baby alone. When you are a busy parent with other young children to look after, chores to do or dinner to get ready, it can be tempting to leave your baby napping or sitting peacefully on their own for just a few minutes, but is this safe? When is it safe to leave your baby alone, and if you don’t want to leave them alone what can you do about it? Find out more in our new post below.

Your baby’s cot or Moses basket

Normally it’s fine to leave your baby alone sleeping in their Moses basket or crib, and a great opportunity for you to get some sleep as well – remember that for the first 6 months your baby should sleep with you in the same room at night so you can check on them regularly or hear them when they wake up and start to fuss. During the day however when you need to jump in the shower, put groceries away or nip to the loo, it’s also a great place to keep your baby safe for a few minutes while you take care of yourself. Your baby might cry for a few minutes but at least they’ll be safe until you pick them up again.

Safely strapped into their Babocush

The Babocush baby comfort cushion is a great way for your baby to relax safely beside you while you carry on with your day, so you never have to leave them alone. As the Babocush can be carried from room to room, it’s a great portable solution – need to take a shower? Take your baby with you on their comfort cushion and keep an eye on them. Eating dinner with your family? The Babocush can be strapped to a rocker to keep your baby happy and content beside you while you enjoy eating a meal (with both hands). The Babocush is designed to hold your baby securely using padded straps, so there’s no chance of them wriggling loose and falling out.

Bath time and baby safety

Bath time is often a great experience for your baby – it’s a great time to bond, and the warm water is relaxing and can help promote a restful night’s sleep. However, it is never, ever safe to leave your baby unattended in the bath, and in fact it isn’t recommended that you leave your child alone in the bath until they are around 7 years old. You should never leave the bathroom with water still in the bathtub – always empty it before you leave.

Risks to look out for

Leaving your baby alone in a room which hasn’t been totally childproofed is always going to be risky to your baby’s wellbeing. Things to look out for include:

  • Instances where your baby could be too hot or cold. If you’re going for a shower and you place your baby in his or her crib, make sure the room temperature is comfortable and that there are no blankets that they could pull up around their face.
  • Never leave your baby in a room with pets or other young children
  • Never leave your baby in the house alone, even if you are just in the garden
  • Swings and bouncy seats aren’t safe to leave your baby unattended in, so only use these when you can supervise them.

If you have any other questions or comments about baby safety and leaving your baby alone, then please just ask us. We’re here to help and we love to hear from you.

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