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5 Benefits of Tummy Time

5 Benefits of Tummy Time Tummy time is an important part of your young baby’s development and routine and as a new parent you might have already come across it a few times. It refers to placing your baby on their tummy whilst encouraging them to play and interact with you. But why is tummy time so important? The team at babocush have pulled together 5 key benefits of tummy time.


Everything You Need To Know About Tummy Time

Everything You Need To Know About Tummy Time There are many important aspects to the development of your baby. While it might seem to be the most crucial of activities, the time that your child spends on his or her tummy really will contribute to their overall wellbeing in various ways, as we’ll see in this blog. If you have any doubts about the merits of tummy time, or have questions about when you should start and how long it should last, then read on.