The Perfect Gifts For Your Newborn

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Your baby's first Christmas is a magical occasion, and picking the ideal present will add to the joy. Here at babocush, we have some gift ideas for your newborn that he or she will adore and cherish for years to come.

Christmas Outfit

A lovely outfit to wear on Christmas day is a fun and inexpensive gift to offer your kid. You'll be able to shoot some cute shots, even if they don't remember it! Most stores begin selling holiday outfits around the end of November, and we're confident that once you start browsing, you'll find yourself buying more than one!

An Engraved Christmas Decoration 

Decorating your home and putting up your Christmas tree is a holiday tradition that everyone enjoys. There are many lovely Christmas decorations on the market, but having one engraved with your baby's name and the year of their first Christmas is even more meaningful. When you're decorating your home for Christmas in the future, you'll be able to pull out the decorations and recall that magical occasion. Perhaps when your child is older, they will keep it and use it on their own trees, allowing the tradition to continue.

Personalised Name Book

There are a lot of these types of books on the market right now, all with different stories, so it's worth checking online to find one that has a festive feel to it. You can begin reading the narrative to them right away, and it will also serve as a souvenir for them as they grow older.

A Piece of Jewellery 

Giving your child a piece of jewellery will be something they will remember as they grow older. You may have their name engraved on a necklace or choose a piece with their birthstone to make the present more personal.

A Book of Letters 

Having your close friends and relatives write a letter to your baby that they can open later could be a meaningful gift you like. It's possible that some of these folks won't be alive when your child turns 18 or 21, so having this gift to unwrap will be invaluable to them.

A Soft Toy

Although not very distinctive, you could purchase a soft toy or comforter for your baby to play with now or later, and internet stores sell soft toys that you can personalise with your baby's name or initials. Another option is to acquire a Harrod's signature bear for the year they were born to make the present even more special.

A Cute Bib

A bib for your infant to wear at the table during Christmas dinner is another amusing present. You may have one made with your baby's name on it, or just 'My First Christmas Dinner' would be adorable!

A Photo Album 

Even if your baby is still small at the time of their first Christmas, it is a good time to begin shooting and gathering images of them to put in an album to give to them when they are older. If your newborn is a little older, you can use this book to collect photos from the first year of their life.

The Babocush

The Babocush Comfort Cushion was designed by a mum for those times when you need an extra pair of hands to soothe your baby, whether they're fussy or suffering from symptoms of colic and reflux, and none are available. It is a shaped foam mattress that attaches to almost any other bouncer, rocker or baby swing, at an angle that simulates the position of laying against a parent’s chest. Did we mention it is also great for tummy time? 

Put Money Into Their Savings Account

If you're still undecided about a gift, a thoughtful gesture could be to start a savings account for your child and deposit funds into it. Although it may seem tedious at first, investing in your child's future will be something you'll be glad you did in the long run, and it may even build up to a lump sum that you can present to them at a significant birthday.

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