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Your first few weeks with your newborn are some of the most emotional weeks of your life. Your baby is finally here and you’re overflowing with love for them; but you’re also exhausted! We asked ourselves ‘What do new mums really want?’ and we’ve compiled a handy list here, to give you an idea of how to help yourself and other new mums during this exhausting and emotional time.

Space and time to get to know your new baby

When a new baby arrives, family and friends flock around to coo over the newborn and their parents, and it’s understandable; a new baby is a joy that everyone wants to share. However, this can be overwhelming for new parents. It’s important to give the couple space to get to know their baby without the interference of others. It’s a precious time that won’t happen again, so if you’re visiting new parents, remember that they have to spend time with their baby one-on-one. If you’re the new parent in question, don’t feel bad in asking family and friends to give you the odd day off from visiting – just take this time to spend with your baby without any guilt.

Presents for parents, not just for baby

New parents will be drowning in a sea of presents – usually more romper suits and blankets than they can count! Why not treat the new parents to something slightly different – a present for them?  A lovely homecooked meal can be a lifesaver for new parents run off their feet, giving them a chance to enjoy a hearty meal without the commitment of hours in the kitchen. A bottle of bubbly for celebration will always be welcomed, even if it’s saved for another day.

Be considerate!

A new mum has had to endure a birth – and they’re never easy! Offer her support, not mountains of baby advice, or how you did this or that. It’s important to listen to the new parents and offer support if they need it, rather than lecture them on proper baby care. Most new parents’ houses are coming down with parenting books and printouts of advice from online, so it’s important that they get the chance to care for the baby on their own terms.

Bring helpful gifts

As we’ve said, most new parents have more than enough baby clothes. Why not get inventive with presents and bring them something that both parents and baby can enjoy? Vouchers and giftcards are always welcomed, especially for practical things such as cleaning or ironing, baby shops or supermarkets and can make those first few weeks that little bit less stressful.

Of course, the ultimate thing any new mum wants is a little rest and relaxation – a rare treat with a new baby, but something the Babocush can provide. Our newborn comfort cushion holds babies in a natural, comfortable position which helps to relieve wind, colic and acid reflux. The soothing vibration of the cushion and secure swaddling mimics the womb, allowing mum and dad some precious time with each other to grab dinner, catch up on their favourite show or simply catch up with each other; all while baby relaxes under their supervision. It’s a lifesaver for any new parent; but don’t just take our word for it – read the reviews from lots of happy parents on our website who have already discovered the Babocush and the freedom it brings.

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