Why “mummy time” is essential for a happy home?

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Being a mum can be a constant whirlwind of emotions and demands. Most mums will put everything and everyone else before themselves but it is important that we, as mums, take some quality time out.

Find out below why we believe it is vital to looks after yourself, recharge your batteries and find opportunities for some quality “mummy time”.

Why is “mummy time” important?

As mums, we look after our homes and families and leave ourselves somewhere near the bottom of a long list. It is little wonder that many mums struggle to find time to focus on themselves. You still deserve to do the things you did before becoming a mum and these are the things that will help you feel like you again. Believe it or not, but it won’t be just you who benefits from this “mummy time” – a happy and relaxed mum equates to an equally happy and relaxed family.

But that’s all great we hear you say. How on earth do I find time to get some “mummy time”?

How to find “mummy time”?

A little planning will allow time for you. Nap time is a great opportunity to focus on you. Planning ahead and having your little one’s food and drinks ready in advance will free up this time for you. Imagine putting your little one down for a nap and you being able to sit back and relax – rather than rush around doing chores and tasks that can wait until later or can be planned ahead. Once you start allowing “mummy time” into your life, you will get into the swing of it.

You may have figured all that out and now know how to find some time for yourself but what next? What on earth can you do during this precious “me” time?

Time spent doing what?

There are lots of wonderful ways to feel less stressed and more relaxed. It could be simply by putting your feet up and reading a book or taking up a pastime you enjoyed before being a busy mum – perhaps a light workout, relaxing yoga or a catch up with friends. It could be lighting some candles and enjoying a long soak in a warm bath. You totally deserve this time so make the most of it. It is YOUR time.

“Mummy time” should be an essential component of your day. So make some time for yourself and enjoy the benefits to both you and your family, for a happier, healthier and more relaxed and refreshed mummy.


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