5 common new-parent challenges and how to overcome them

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Are you a new parent?

If so, welcome to the club! This is a magical time for you to experience what it means to love a little person unconditionally, and while it has so many amazing and fantastic moments, this journey of parenthood also has a few tough challenges ahead. For new parents there’s a lot of adjustment to be made, but being prepared makes all the difference, so here are 5 common new-parent challenges and how to overcome them, so that you feel on top of all your mummy or daddy duties.

  1. Sleep deprivation

This is a biggie! ‘Say goodbye to a full night’s sleep’ is what most of your friends and relatives will probably have said to you jokingly or in passing as soon as you announced your bundle of joy arrived, but the truth is lack of sleep is no laughing matter. Your body and health can suffer over time by having less sleep than you need, so it’s still vitally important to get rest whenever you can – but not an easy task to manage when your baby refuses to sleep when you do. To overcome this challenge, try to get your baby into a bedtime routine pretty early on to help them relax and drift off – you’ll find some helpful tips in our recent blog post on how to get your baby to relax and settle.

  1. Not eating properly

Are you guilty of grabbing a snack on the go, rather than having proper meals throughout the day? If you do this you will most certainly run yourself down more quickly, and risk getting sick. When you need to look after someone else, you have to look after yourself first. One of the common new parent challenges is finding the time to prepare a meal when your hands are full with a new born, which is one of the reasons why we invented the Babocush. It’s a safe, comfortable infant cushion, that helps your baby relax and settle peacefully, leaving you a few minutes to whip up dinner.

  1. Guilt, and aiming for perfection

In this social media obsessed world, many new parents compare their lives to the mummy bloggers online who seem to have picture perfect lives – hundreds of photos showing not a single toy out of place, pristine kitchen surfaces, mummy and baby co-ordinating outfits - stop! These photos do not reflect real life, and feeling guilty about being less than perfect is going to get you nowhere. All that matters is that your baby is loved, cared for and that you enjoy your time together. Who cares if there’s dribbles on your shoulder, or a heap of washing in the corner? This is real and it’s just part of juggling parenthood with a new baby.

  1. Balancing everything with returning to work

If you’re planning a return to work soon, you might be stressed about thinking how you will cope with the added workload, tiredness and keeping a bond with your baby with so much time apart during the day. To overcome some of these stresses, both you and your partner should share in the household chores, so that you both get separate time to bond with the baby when not at work. It’s also only fair to take it in turns to do night feeds if your baby still isn’t sleeping through the night.

  1. Spending quality time together as a family

As a new parent, it can feel like a whirlwind of nappy changing, feeding, cleaning up, and crying for the first few weeks, but if you already have a toddler in the house it’s important to try and make time together as a family. There are some useful tips on how to juggle this in our blog post – how to spend equal time with all your children.

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