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Babies cry – it’s just a fact of life, but when your baby cries incessantly it can be exhausting for everyone in the house. It’s not only tiring, but very upsetting – as a parent, it’s hard to watch your baby fuss and fidget and you can feel quite helpless. We’ve scoured all the sources we could think of to bring you some ideas for helping your baby relax and settle more easily, so that you both get some much-needed rest. 

When does your baby cry?  

Try and pinpoint if there are certain times of the day or certain activities that are causing your baby to cry and not settle easily. Perhaps they cry more after eating, in which case it could be wind or colic which is causing pain. Before bedtime, they might still be restless from sleeping too much during the day, or they could be overtired (in which case there’s nothing for it but a good cry!) After injections, they can be listless or generally out of sorts and they can find it hard to settle. Once you’ve identified the cause you can start to find a solution that works for your little one. 

Methods of helping your baby relax and settle

There are lots of forums, blogs and news reports out there which claim to work miracles with their old housewife remedies to these common issues. The important thing is to find one that works for you and your baby – some won’t have any impact at all, and some will be a God-send! Here are some of the most popular that we’ve come across:

  • Experiment with different noises – sometimes silence can be upsetting to a baby, which is why so many fall asleep in the car, or when you have a vacuum cleaner turned on. The gentle rhythm of a desk fan can also produce a soothing sound effect for babies, and if you find that your baby can’t settle without a little background noise, why not try to have some white noise recordings on in their room?   
  • Check your baby for obvious signs of distress – are their clothes too tight? Are they too hot or cold? Are they suffering after injections? Sometimes a warm bath, a massage and a gentle cuddle can work wonders at helping your baby settle, especially before bedtime. If you can, try and get your baby into a good, regular sleep routine so they relax more quickly.  
  • When a baby suffers from colic or reflux, it can make feeding very stressful and frustrating. Some experts advise laying your baby across your knees and gently rubbing their back, or laying them on their back and gently bicycle their legs to help relieve these painful symptoms. 

Using the Babocush to help babies to relax and settle 

When we looked at all the advice out there for helping your baby settle – gentle vibrations, soothing noises, laying on their tummy – we knew that the Babocush would be a winner, because it provides all these things for your baby in one convenient, transportable solution. The feedback we’ve had from parents all over the world expressing their profound relief at having finally found a solution that works says it all really! 

If you’ve used a Babocush and found it helped your baby to relax and settle, we’d love to hear about it. Have you any stories or videos you’d like to share with us? 

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