5 Genius Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

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New parents will know the pain; you’ve finally sat down, ready for a little peace and quiet – then the crying begins! Soothing a new born baby can be difficult, as your little one is too small to tell you what they want from you. We’re here to help, with our 5 genius ways to soothe a crying baby, that will have you and your little one calm and stress-free in no time.

  1. Rule out any problems

Try to get to the root of your baby’s cries. Check if they are hungry or thirsty, need their nappy changed, and try burping them to ensure that there’s no trapped wind. Many tears can be avoided by ruling these simple things out first – although, in some cases, you won’t be able to find a reason.

  1. Swaddling can help soothe a crying baby

New born babies aren’t used to large, open spaces; after all, they’ve spent 9 months in the safety of mum’s tummy. This is where swaddling can help. Swaddling helps to mimic the environment of the womb, which babies find relaxing. Simply wrap your little one in a fine, lightweight blanket, with their arms over their chest. Swaddled babies find it easier to calm down and sleep, and they don’t experience the startle reflex in swaddling, which can help to soothe your new born. Holding your baby close in a body sling can also mimic the safety of the womb and help soothe a crying baby.

  1. Get your baby moving

When in the womb, babies are constantly on the move with mum, so too much stillness can upset a new born, as it’s still alien to them. Hold your baby close and rock them, or hold them tight and take a little walk around the house. You can talk to your baby as you do this, as your child will love the sound of your voice. If this doesn’t work, many a stressed parent has found a journey in the car soothing to their little one, as well as to themselves. Just make sure that you aren’t too stressed or tired when you’re driving, for optimal safety.

  1. Distraction is key

If neither of the above work, try distracting your little one. If the room is very quiet, try playing some gentle, calming music, or even white noise. Keep talking gently to your baby, holding them close and making soothing little sounds into their ear. This can be paired with rocking and walking around. If it’s a nice day, even take your baby outdoors for a little walk in the garden, as the change of scenery can distract them.

  1. A combination of the above usually works in soothing a crying baby

We know this because we’ve packed it all into our Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion. The Babocush reduces crying from colic in young babies by holding them securely on their front, and mimicking mum’s heartbeat with gentle, soothing vibrations. The front facing hold of Babocush also helps ease wind and reflux, as well as reducing the risk of flat-head syndrome. Why not take a look at how the Babocush helped soothe little Riley?  

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