3 ways to get your baby to sleep in the crib

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Many a new parent spends hours, if not days, deliberating over a choice of cribs for their new born - after all, it’s baby’s first bed, and you want it to be lovely and comfortable. However, as many new parents know, sometimes baby simply won’t get a wink of shut-eye in their crib, preferring a parent’s arms or a car seat to soothe them to sleep. Not to worry, we’re here to help, with our 3 tips to get your baby to sleep in the crib so that it’s good for more than just ornamental reasons. That lovely crib will be sending baby off to sleep in no time!

  1. Establishing a bedtime routine is difficult, but important

No matter how young your baby is, a regular night-time routine can help to send your little one off to sleep with no fuss. Start by calming everything down around 30-45 minutes before bedtime, avoiding bright lighting, loud noises, or distractions. Activities like tummy time or a bath before bed can help to soothe your baby, and get them used to bedtime in their crib. Try writing out a little routine and stick to it every night for a few weeks, and baby will soon get used to this routine. If your baby starts to cry, return to the room and try to soothe them in the crib, rather than taking them out. This can be difficult, but it’s one of the best ways to make sure your baby gets used to their new sleeping surroundings. 

  1. Babies love to feel close to you

That’s why they love falling asleep in your arms so much. New borns are highly sensory, and the change from mum or dad’s arms to a cold bed can be too startling for a sleepy new born, meaning they will fuss as soon as they’re put down in the crib. Instead, try swaddling your baby, and holding them close until they’re asleep, or almost asleep. Withdraw slowly, keeping a comforting hand on their head or tummy once you lay them down, to let them know that you’re still close by. Feel free to stay until your baby is soundly asleep; this will help to relax your little one, and if you’re in the first few days of crib sleeping, feel free to camp out in their room for both you and baby’s peace of mind.

  1. A relaxed baby will find it much easier to sleep

If your baby is going to bed excited and wide awake, you can be certain that time in the crib will end in tears. Build relaxation into your routine, and make sure that your baby is used to their room. Spend non-sleeping time in your baby’s room with them; why not try some parent-and-baby tummy time to help them get used to their surroundings?

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