5 reasons why the Babocush should be on your baby shower gift list

5 reasons why the Babocush should be on your baby shower gift list

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If you are expecting, it’s highly likely that you are trying to prepare for your new arrival by having everything you need in place. Ideally, by the time your baby arrives, the transition from hospital to home will be an easy one. Thankfully, it’s not just you with your newborn’s welfare at heart - friends and family can be a great source of help too. We encourage you to take that help and don’t be afraid to request assistance when needed.

Often people want to help but don’t know where to start, so if you guide them by leaving helpful hints they will feel like they are contributing something useful. With this in mind, we want to point out why the Babocush should be on your baby shower gift list.

Your baby will love the Babocush

For a newborn baby, the Babocush may seem new and strange at first, but it can be used to soothe them in safe and supported conditions similar to the womb experience, which they know and love. The cushion can help otherwise restless babies to relax, and grants familiarity when they are distressed if you introduce it early on. Lying on the Babocush, your baby can benefit from the sounds and gentle vibrations which are reminiscent of mum’s heartbeat while they were in the womb.

There are hundreds examples online of the cushion offering relief to babies who seem agitated. In a whole new environment the Babocush is the gift of comfort for your newborn.

Expert design and detailed testing

When selecting a gift, it’s understandable that people want something they know is safe and reliable. A baby’s safety is the number one priority and people want to be sure they are buying from a trusted source. Naturally Babocush has undergone rigorous safety tests in Europe, the USA and Australia, with experts passing it on all occasions.

The Babocush has also undergone tests at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Northern Ireland where experts commended it for having a positive effect on respiratory systems.

Give the gift of mummy time

Of all the gifts people can give you, few can free up your hands and give you personal time back. The Babocush can do just this, and Mummy time is a precious commodity when your newborn arrives.

While your baby lies on the cushion enjoying the benefits of tummy time, you can be nearby enjoying a well-deserved cup of tea. Tummy time is great for your baby’s airways, allowing them to breathe easy after feeding and helping to bring up gas or trapped wind. For you, these mini breaks can help you rest your arms and enjoy the company of other adults, a TV show or a book. Invite the person who bought it over to see the cushion in action, that way people know they’ve helped.

What parents say

As noted Babocush has convinced the experts and received glowing reviews from professionals in baby welfare. However, there are other very important testimonials; other parents and contented babies. On Facebook and Instagram thousands of parents have shared their experiences with the Babocush and tips on how to get the best from the cushion.

Becoming part of the wider Babocush community has allowed parents to share stories and connect with people in a similar position. Parents with colicky babies or babies affected by reflux have found Babocush to be a great platform for sharing ideas.


Ahead of your baby’s birth some friends and family may frantically spend trying to find the right thing for you and your baby. Some parents are inundated with clothes with a short lifespan or the same gifts over and over. All these good intentions come at a cost, and in an effort to buy something for your baby people overspend on the wrong things.

The Babocush is currently available at $151.50, and compared to clothes or other items, has an extended lifespan as your baby can use it up to the age of 6 months. It can be delivered within just 3-5 working days, so if it’s on your baby shower gift list, you’ll have it in plenty of time before your newborn arrives.

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