Getting the hang of baby massage

Getting the hang of baby massage

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When you’re under pressure or feeling emotionally or physically stressed, a massage can make problems dissipate – and it’s no different for your baby. Babies can become restless and agitated for a range of reasons but a massage can help soothe them. At Babocush, we specialise in offering contentment to unsettled babies, so we’ve some tips to help you practice basic reflexology.

Reflexology is a natural art that uses ancient techniques to relieve pain via pressure points. Begin by making sure your baby is somewhat relaxed (a bath beforehand can make all the difference). The next step is to put your baby in a comfortable position, and ensure you can rub their feet without over-stretching or over-extending their little legs. Focusing on different parts of the foot, you can address different areas of discomfort.

Tip of your...toe.

Massaging the tips of your baby’s toes will help them if they are suffering from headache or toothache. During teething, this natural technique could prove very beneficial. Massaging may make your baby sleepy, so continue a few minutes after they fall asleep and they’ll drift off contented.


By rubbing the underside of the toe, you can help address sinus trouble and relieve pain. For adults sinus pain can be very frustrating, so it’s no surprise that it agitates babies. In this instance you want to apply gentle pressure to the very centre of the toe.


In reflexology your toe mounds, the area directly below your toes, is connected to chest pain. Rub this area if your baby is congested or has a cough. Apply pressure with your thumb using a circular motion above the arches for the best results.

Touch point

Between you baby’s chest and stomach is their solar plexus, it’s a body of nerves which affects stomach pain. When this area is upset, it can result in tightness in the stomach and problems breathing. To address this area, massage the centre of the foot, directly between the pads and soft centre.

Middle band

Above the heel and beneath the centre of the foot, reflexology can influence a host of conditions. Heartburn, indigestion and constipation can all be relieved by rubbing this area. If your baby suffers from gas or trapped wind, tummy time can help relieve the airways and remove pressure.


The bottom of the foot benefits from massaging, and not only is relaxing but it can also be good for baby’s pelvis. Growing rapidly can create some pressure around the pelvis that reflexology can ease. Like the areas above the heel, rubbing here can also alleviate stomach aches and digestive pains.

Even a contented baby can enjoy a massage and it can help soothe them ahead of bedtime. After bath time and massages, offer relief to your hands and allow your baby to rest on the Babocush for a few minutes while you catch your breath. As well as offering contentment, the Babocush can also become part of a relaxing bedtime routine for you both.

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