5 tips to help you survive baby colic

5 Tips On How To Survive Baby Colic

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Baby colic is every parent’s worst nightmare. We’re used to our babies crying, but there’s usually a reason for it. Colic is where they keep on crying with no perceivable reason for it. It can go on for hours, and you can lose hours of sleep. 

Thankfully, there are things you can do to soothe your baby and calm their persistent crying. Check out our five tips to help you survive baby colic: 

1. Wrap your baby in a tight blanket

One of the best ways to soothe a crying baby is to wrap them up in a warm blanket. Make sure you don’t wrap them too  tight and allow their hands to be free so they don’t overheat. The presence of the blanket will calm them down and help them feel more relaxed. This can work wonders for your baby, and give you a period of respite! 

If you want, you can pick your baby up in the blanket and rock them from side to side. Again, this relaxes them, makes them feel safe, and the crying should subside. 

2. Lay them on a special cushion

Babies love being carried close to your chest. But, you don’t always have time to do this.  As such, they will cry like there’s no tomorrow! Instead, you can try a specially designed cushion - like the Babocush. This cushion is designed to mimic the feeling of your baby being close to your chest. The position they’re in, along with the internal vibrations and heart beat, is so relaxing, and it eases a lot of pressure on their tummy. This can help get rid of painful gas and reflux, leading to some calm and peaceful moments. 

3. Carry your child stomach down

We just mentioned gas, and it is probably the number one cause of a crying baby. So, the next time your baby cries, pick them up with their stomach facing down. Obviously, be very careful and make sure they’re safe. It seems strange, but babies find this rather soothing. Experts believe it’s because your arm nestles on their stomach and helps them get rid of built-up gas. So, they can truly relax and feel a lot better. 

4. Go for a long drive

Normally, the prospect of driving with a crying baby is the stuff of nightmares. But, if you can’t figure out why your child keeps crying, then take them into your car. Strap them into their cozy seat, and just drive. Yes, there will be screaming for a period, but the motion of the car will slowly make them feel more relaxed. As long as there’s no underlying issue - like an upset stomach, hunger, etc. - then this works surprisingly well. 

5. Sing to your baby

Lastly, you should find some soothing lullabies to sing to your baby. Babies love music, especially when it’s soft and soothing. By singing to them, you actually get a bit of a release yourself. It’s weirdly relaxing, and there’s a chance you might both fall asleep! The more you do it, the more effective it becomes as your baby starts to recognize the song and enjoy it. 

Don’t let baby colic wreak havoc on your life! Most parents have to deal with this at some point, and it can go on for ages. With these five tips, you can retain your sanity and ensure your little one calms down. 

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