5 Tips to Soothe Your Crying or Colicky Baby

5 Tips to Soothe Your Crying or Colicky Baby

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When your baby doesn't stop crying, it’s the worst feeling in the world. The sound is bad enough, but you can’t escape the sinking feeling in your tummy of not being able to calm them down. Every parent feels like this at some point, but you can avoid it! 

Below, we’ve listed our top five tips to soothe your crying or colicky baby: 

1. Use white noise

Buy a white noise machine - or download an app on your phone - and play it to your baby. Something extraordinary happens. Your baby almost feels like it’s back in your womb. White noise replicates a lot of the sounds they heard from inside there. As such, it soothes them and helps them to relax. 

2. Tell them to shh!

Believe it or not, shushing your crying baby can genuinely work. The sound you make will almost intrigue them and make them stop. Do it close to their ear, and make sure they can hear you over the sound of their crying. It should be a loud shh, but don’t be overly aggressive. Keep it kind, and your baby will gradually wind down and be more settled. It’s a weird trick, but it’s well worth trying. 

3. Skin-to-skin contact

It’s important to give your baby as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. Lay them stomach down on your chest as you lie in bed. The feeling of your body against theirs will act as an instant soother. If they’re still crying, then add in a little massage as well. Lightly stroke their body and give a gentle massage of their feet and back. This has the same effect as a regular massage will have on you. It relaxes their muscles, eases tension out of the body, and can even help them get to sleep.

4. Carry your baby close to your chest

Babies love being right next to your chest when you carry them. They hear your heart beating, they feel your warmth, and your arms make them feel safe. Picking your baby up like this will help you soothe their crying almost instantly. Also, you could use the babocush comfort cushion to replicate this feeling. It holds them in the same position, makes them feel like they’re close to your chest, and keeps them safe with its soft five point harness.. There’s even a heartbeat sound and gentle vibrations to soothe your baby even further. The babocush is ideal if your baby is crying but your hands are too full to pick them up and give them a cuddle. 

5. Give them a dummy

Last, but not least, you should give your baby a dummy. It’s a classic technique - but it works. Babies love sucking on dummies as it calms them down. They’ll stop crying, and everyone can get some extra rest. Don’t jump to this straight away, try other things first. A dummy can be helpful, but you don’t want your baby to use it all the time as it can lead to dependencies as they age. 

Follow these five tips when your baby starts crying and won’t stop. They will all help you calm them down and enjoy a more peaceful home. 

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