Babocush warnings - your concerns answered

Babocush warnings - your concerns answered

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Your new bundle of joy has arrived, but boy are they hard work! New babies need constant care and attention, so it’s no wonder you can quickly become drained and frazzled with so little sleep or rest yourself. That’s why so many parents love the Babocush. This simple idea has allowed new mums and dads to regain a few minutes to themselves each day, whether it’s to eat a meal or take a shower – small luxuries you take for granted when you aren’t a parent!

The Babocush is a comfort cushion designed to hold your baby securely in the ‘over the shoulder’ position that babies love, while also benefitting from a gentle vibration and soothing heartbeat sound to keep them calm and settled. As with any new baby product released to the market, it has undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure it is 100% safe for baby. As for any other safety warnings, here are your questions answered.

Can your baby sleep on the Babocush?

We never, ever recommend that you let your baby sleep on the Babocush. It is not designed as a replacement for your baby’s cot, crib or Moses basket. The cushion is designed for helping your baby relax and settle, and of course in these circumstances it is not unusual for your baby to start to get sleepy. Once you notice this, you should carefully remove them from the Babocush and put them in their cot to sleep safely on their back.

Can your baby breathe properly on the Babocush?

Suffocation is such a frightening thought, so of course ensuring that your baby can breathe easily on the Babocush is of paramount importance. The clever design of the cushion reflects this, as any baby held securely on the cushion is placed with their head to the side, allowing airways to stay open. In fact, holding them in this position is much safer than in a car seat or bouncer, as your baby hasn’t developed strong neck muscles yet to hold their head up, and can therefore slump over when in a seated position, restricting airways.

Can my baby fall out of the Babocush?

The Babocush is designed with 5 secure padded straps to ensure there is no possibility of your baby falling or wriggling their way out. The straps are easily adjusted, so they can be fitted comfortably around your baby as they grow.

Is my baby too small/big to use the Babocush?

The Babocush is suitable for all babies, even new borns, up to the age of 6 months.

Is my baby spending too much time on the Babocush?

Your baby can spend as much time on the Babocush as they enjoy – tummy time is a great way to help strengthen the neck muscles, and it also reduces the risk of flat head syndrome. As long as your baby is supervised and doesn’t fall asleep on the cushion, they can use it for as long as they are happy to – and this gives you some me-time back! Some people would argue that this time away from your baby reduces the amount of time you can bond together, but a few minutes break each day won’t have long term damage and self-care is important too so you provide the best possible care for your family.

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