Helping your baby sleep safe in the warmer weather

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It can be difficult to get used to sleeping in warm weather, even as an adult, and it’s worse for your little one. Babies can’t cool themselves as well as adults can, which means that during hot weather spells they are more at risk of overheating or developing a heat-related illness or dehydrating. But not to worry; we’re here with some advice on helping your baby sleep safe in the warmer weather, so you both can get some essential rest.


First things first – it’s time to remove any excess bedding from their cot and sleeping area. These will trap heat and make the bed warmer – a nightmare for a comfortable night’s sleep. A temperature of around 16-20ºC is usually recommended for a baby’s bedroom, and around 18ºC is perfect. If you’re concerned, use a thermometer to check the temperature, and adjust your baby’s bedding and clothing to suit the situation. In warmer weather, a light blanket or sheet is usually enough to keep your baby at the ideal temperature, and it’s fine to have no blanket at all on your baby’s cot if the weather is really warm.


In terms of night-time clothing, this can be adjusted to suit your baby’s needs. If they are wearing a nappy, a vest, and a sleep suit, it might be a good idea to strip back one or two of these layers when the weather gets very warm; just make sure to monitor your baby and add another blanket if they seem a little cold. If your baby is kicking blankets off in frustration at the heat, try putting them in only a nappy under the blankets – in many cases this will help to cool baby down and keep them cool and stress-free.


If your baby’s room is stiflingly hot in the summer, leave windows open in the baby’s bedroom, as well as around the house. This will allow for airflow around the house and help to cool things down a little. Make sure you keep your curtains open, and on really stuffy days, a few bowls of iced water in the room can ensure that there is still moisture in the air; or try hanging a damp towel over part of the window for a similar effect. If your baby is hot to the touch and fussy at night, try wiping them down with a dampened towel on their face, legs, arms and neck; most babies find this soothing and it can be just the trick to send a fussy baby off to sleep.

How the Babocush can help fussy babies in the heat

At Babocush, we’re experts in dealing with fussy babies. Our innovative cushion holds your baby in a natural, comfortable position, while soothing them with a gentle vibration and heartbeat device that mimics the environment of the womb. Babocush helps to relax your baby, setting them up for a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep, no matter the weather. If you’d like to know more about our unique design, read more about us on our website.

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