Travelling with your baby this summer

Travelling with your baby this summer

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The thought of a summer holiday with a young baby can seem impossible for any new parent. The idea of packing up your life and transporting it to another country for a week or two seems unfeasible when you’re trying to settle into life with your new baby. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We’re here to help, with our top tips on travelling with your baby this summer, for a stress-free summer break with your loved ones.

When is right to travel with your baby?

Although it may seem too soon, babies can travel a few days after they are born. While it’s possible, many parents prefer to wait until around the 3-month mark to travel with their new baby. If you’re jetting off, make sure that your baby’s passport, insurance and visa (if needed) are all in place, as missing paperwork can be a disaster for even the most organised of holiday-goers. It’s best to book outside of school holidays for the cheapest holidays, but not always feasible. No matter the case, ensure that the place you are staying provides a cot for the baby, and check the facilities are suited to hosting a small baby. Having all of this in place before heading off saves any confusion or hassle further down the line.

Packing for your trip

When packing, it’s best to follow a list of the essentials. It can be so easy to forget small things in the rush and excitement of packing, so a small reminder can come in very handy. After packing your main luggage, ensure that your hand luggage is well-equipped for baby. Drinks, wipes, a change of clothes, nappies – the journey will be a lot smoother if items like these are easily accessible. Depending on your destination, transport options also need to be considered. For example, baby slings are ideal for locations with limited buggy access, and can make travelling through airports, bus stations, and train stations that bit easier.

Plan ahead with transport

Not every mode of transport is the same; and depending on how you’re getting to your holiday, it’s important to modify the baby’s travel arrangements. If you’re travelling by car, try to arrange your trip around your baby’s naptimes to make the journey that little bit less stressful, and ensure travel stops for feeds and nappy changes are factored in. Some parents swear that sitting in the back seat of the car with their baby ensures that the baby stays calm – so this could be worth a try for the car holiday-goer.

If you’re travelling by plane, a well-equipped hand luggage bag is worth its weight in gold, and ensures a drama-free journey. Depending on airline prices, it can be worth booking on a case for baby to bring the essentials, if Mum and Dad can share a case, meaning that everything baby could possibly need can be brought along. Check with your airline provider regarding arrangements for babies – it’s likely they must sit on your knee, but some airlines provide bassinets, especially on long haul flights. Check arrangements for feeding on board and travelling though airport security with formula.

Now all that’s left for you to do is to enjoy your well-deserved family holiday.

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