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How to survive sleep deprivation

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This basic notion sounds like the oldest trick in the book, but there's a reason for that; it works. When your baby is safely napping, put your head down and do the same. In today's media, we are presented with celebrity 'super-mums' who use their baby's naptime to exercise, run an empire, learn Latin etc, but this is not realistic, unless you have a team of nannies and servants. So sleep when your baby sleeps - it's perfectly natural. 

From the beginning of your baby's life, try to create a sleep routine. Establishing patterns early makes a huge difference, and by the age of six months some babies sleep for as long as 6 or 7 hours at one time. In your own time, try to limit naps to pre-4pm, as this will give you a better chance of getting a good night's sleep. 

Sleep and feeding

Food and sleep go hand in hand. Yes, you will be up at 2 am feeding on occasion but again there are some ground rules which could help.  Firstly, the late feed should be shared, it is a difficult role for one person to fulfil every night. Divide up the nights to alleviates some of the pressure. Even if one parent can only do 2 or 3 nights a week, it still makes a huge difference. 

This may sound harsh, but always remember it's baby's feeding time, not yours. For most people, waking up at 2am and eating is not the norm and their body tells them that. Digesting late at night affects your sleep and can keep you awake, so focus on getting your baby fed and going back to sleep. Also, try not to overstimulate your brain, spending an additional 45 mins awake watching TV or trawling the Internet on your phone won't bode well the next day.

Begin sleep training early

It's obviously easy to talk about starting a good routine, but sticking to it can be tough. So try a measured approach to a night time routine.  If you get into a good routine, you are giving yourself a chance of getting a good night's sleep. To get started, make sure to create the correct environment. Let your baby know it's near bedtime by ensuring your home is quiet and lights are lowered.

At this point, many parents find the babocush to be highly effective. The cushion holds your baby comfortably while the heartbeat simulator inside recreates the gentle rhythmic sounds of the womb. As the cushion can be placed in any room in the home, it is a perfect place for your baby to relax while you prepare for bed. When you notice your baby is beginning to fall asleep, make the transition to the cot or basket.  

What’s normal? 

It is worth remembering that babies are developing during sleep and are very active sleepers. Allow them to make noise, without annoying them and if they begin to cry do not automatically lift them. While this process is difficult it will prove beneficial in the long run.  

Although it’s brilliant for helping your baby to rest peacefully, the babocush is not designed for a baby to sleep on - the cushion is a place for your baby to relax and can help keep them stay content after feeds or when they are irritated. For more info on the benefits of using the babocush or to learn more about the product's features, click here.

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