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Real life story: The Babocush helps rescue family time for the Seamer’s

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One of our lovely customers contacted us about her personal experience in using the Babocush with her newborn Finley. Read on to discover how the Babocush helped Finley (now 7 weeks old) with his colic and reflux problems, and how it allowed Lara to enjoy her precious family time again.

Finley was born 2 weeks early after a long and stressful labour. He suffered from bad jaundice during the first week of his life and then constant constipation with severe colic and bad silent reflux shortly after. It was frustrating for us all – for Finley because he was exhausted (as we were) but also so exasperating for us as we couldn’t find any way to help him get comfortable.

It became extremely hard to enjoy our time as a family together due to the constant crying and our poor little boy being in so much pain and discomfort. I'd seen the Babocush advertised through Facebook before he was born and was slightly sceptical as any new mother is. As it approached our fifth week with Finley and no improvements to his colic or reflux even after trying all the medications available and all the baby massages possible we decided we would go for it!

On the first day the Babocush arrived, Finley was unsure of what to think - he'd settle for moments then cry for others. We changed tactic - we placed the Babocush on our rocker which is extremely steep and it wasn't much to his liking either! Determined, we persevered. We then moved the Babocush to lean against the arm of the sofa on the second day, praying it would help him as we knew that this was a product that worked fantastically!

Immediately, Finley settled on his Babocush – what a relief!

The Babocush instantly provided him with relief from the pain and discomfort from his colic and reflux – something we’d been feeling completely helpless about. He also sleeps better at night in his cot as he can relax so much more easily now thanks to his Babocush.

The Babocush’s innovative design is designed to hug your baby securely in the perfect ‘tummy’ position for relieving wind, colic and reflux. This is similar to you holding them against your shoulder. The Babocush also holds your baby in a very natural position, allowing the airways to relax and stay open as opposed to sitting slumped over in a bouncer, rocker or car seat.

I want to thank Kerry at Babocush for inventing such an incredible and effective product. I would recommend this to any mum – when your baby is crying from colic or reflux, or when you need a few minutes to yourself it gives you that rare opportunity to put them down safely and take five minutes for yourself knowing that the Babocush is helping!

Lara Seamer, Mummy to Finley Oscar.

York, England

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