SIDS, safety and the Babocush

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Addressing your concern for your baby’s health

Before launching the Babocush, inventor Kerry Nevins always expected questions to be asked about this innovative baby cushion, with questions around safety taking priority. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which is  sometimes known as “cot death” ,  is the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby. With every new baby product launched there are always going to be concerns and questions about its safety, and therefore rigorous safety testing evidence has to be provided to reassure parents that they are making a safe choice for their baby. 


In terms of SIDS, the NHS describes the condition as ‘rare’, and reports a total of 300 cases across the UK annually. Most cases involve babies up to six months old, and more often unexplained death affects males.

At present, there is no exact answer as to what causes SIDS, and instead multiple factors are considered. These factors are considered when any product is put on the market for babies. This was also the case for the Babocush, and before it was allowed to go on the market, it was tested by industry experts. Put before the heads of respiratory at Royal Victoria Hospital, the Babocush received 100% positive feedback. It was reported as being safe and comfortable, and keeps the baby’s head back so that the airways stay open, so this makes it totally safe for your baby to rest in.

The other factors that can affect SIDS include safe sleeping procedures, a baby’s environment i.e. smoke inhalation and leaving children unattended. Other notable factors include co-sleeping (sharing a bed or sofa with your baby) and blankets or bedding obstructing breathing channels.


By now, it’s common knowledge that babies should sleep on their back. Understandably, parents are nervous to find that their baby rolls onto their belly. In fact, many experts state when a baby can roll onto their stomach they can sleep this way. At this point it is crucial parents stop swaddling their baby; a swaddled baby should never sleep on their stomach.

Using the Babocush

The Babocush aims to soothe babies and offer them comfort from the symptoms of reflux and colic. It is not made for sleeping and babies should be not left unattended while they are strapped in. It’s very common for babies to quickly relax and settle on their Babocush, as they find comfort in the gentle vibration designed to recreate a beating heart which makes it ideal for settling your baby before you take them off their Babocush and put them in their Moses basket or crib to sleep properly. We have always told our customers that the Babocush is not made to replace a bed, and babies should not be left to sleep on it. 

When you first lay your baby onto the Babocush you should place his/her head to one side to ensure clear airways. Do not attempt to modify the product with additional cushions or bedding. Remember all the successful testing of the Babocush was based on the product as sold, not with additions.

Babocush is committed to answering any questions you may have. So, if you want to learn more, join our Facebook group, post questions and speak to other parents benefitting from the product. We have a large online family of parents from around the world all going through the same things you are, so you can find a great support and advice network here to help you through this exciting and challenging time.

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