Baby Charlie and his silent reflux and colic

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Clare Hawkins is a new mum to Charlie, who is now 11 weeks old. All new parents know that looking after a new baby is hard enough, but to add further complications, Charlie also suffered from silent reflux, which progressed to colic and then regular reflux – what a handful! Added to this is the fact that Clare also has a three year old to look after, and a business to run which leaves her completely short on time and often without hands free to get on with the busy demands of her everyday life. In cases like this, what’s a busy mum to do?

Turn to her Babocush, of course.

As any parent knows, babies love to be held against the shoulder as they feel safe, secure, and can feel mum or dad’s heartbeat which is a very soothing sound. This position is also great for bringing up wind, but while it has a ton of benefits it’s also not very practical and leaves you no time to yourself or time to spend with your family, on your job, cooking – anything that requires two hands!

Thankfully, these conditions which Charlie suffers with are exactly what the Babocush was designed to help with. The innovative design of the Babocush baby cushion means that you can safely and securely strap your baby on the comfort cushion immediately after a feed for instant relief from wind and gas pains. It’s also very easy to adjust the incline of the Babocush, ensuring your baby is in the correct position to prevent acid reflux. Added to these product features are the added benefits of gentle vibration and a heartbeat sound – so soothing and relaxing for unsettled babies, just like Charlie.

In her own words, Clare explains just how much of an impact the Babocush has had on her, and Charlie’s life;

“This is an absolutely amazing piece of kit ... A very relieved mum passes on her thanks to the designers! There's nothing worse than watching him cry in pain, and on top of this, he had been constipated for four days. Within five minutes of being placed on the Babocush, we had the biggest poo ever (due to the vibration against the stomach within the cushion), followed by loads of smiles and happy gurgling. Very happy baby, and mum! If your baby struggles with reflux or colic, try this before medication... it's a lifesaver!”

We’re so grateful to Clare for sharing her story with us, as we know many of you are facing similar challenges with your own little ones, so it’s always reassuring to know that you’re not going through all this alone. If you have a story to share that you think other parents would benefit from hearing, then please let us know so that we can share it. Our global community is growing everyday thanks to you, and we really appreciate your photos, videos and stories that you’ve shared with us so far.

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