What is tummy time and why is it important for your baby?

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Any new parent has likely heard of ‘tummy time’, an essential activity for any baby as they grow and develop. But how do you start it? Why is tummy time important? We’re here to break it all down for you and your baby, to help you both get the best out of this important and fun activity.

Why is tummy time important?

Babies tend to spend a lot of time on their backs when they’re very small. While this is beneficial for baby, prolonged periods of time spent on their backs can lead to flat-head syndrome, and in some cases, developmental delay. Therefore, it’s important that, for a short time every day, your baby gets the chance to spend some time on their tummy. This helps strengthen their back, arm and neck muscles that will soon become essential for crawling. Less time spent on their back also eases boredom in young babies, and allows them time off from lying down and a different view of the world around them.

What age can I start tummy time?

The sooner you start tummy time, the sooner your baby will get used to it, and this can help to speed up developmental milestones such as rolling over unaided and crawling. Tummy time can be started from around the age of 2 weeks old, but remember, time spent on mum or dad’s chest while lying down also counts as tummy time - your baby will be lifting their head to try to see your face.

When should my baby have tummy time?

In the beginning, it’s recommended to spend short periods of time with your baby on their tummy; ideally two or three times a day, for around three to five minutes at a time. As your baby gets older, and grows more used to tummy time, you can increase the time spent. You can have tummy time lying on mum or dad’s chest, but you can also put a baby blanket down on a firm floor. The younger your baby is, the less control they will have, but this will change quickly. Here at Babocush, we know that tummy time means mummy time; that’s why our innovative cushion, Babocush, holds babies in a natural, semi-upright position, allowing tummy time for baby and a little relaxation time for tired parents. Why not take a look at the Babocush today and make your tummy and mummy time that little bit more relaxing?

Tummy time advice

It’s important to make sure that tummy time is fun for your baby. Make sure to have plenty of your baby’s favourite toys around so that they’re comfortable and not bored. You can also lie down facing your baby; this is a lovely bonding activity for both parent and child, as your baby will lift their head up to see your face. Always make sure that your baby is fully supervised for the duration of tummy time, and try to make space for tummy time when your baby is fully awake, alert and happy.

Now you know the basics, all that’s left is to have some quality tummy time with your little one.

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