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2017 was a great year as Babocush once again helped parents from all over the world settle their babies – especially those little ones suffering from reflux and colic. Parents and carers reached out and shared their stories and experiences with us, and we are eternally grateful to them. As 2018 begins, we want to pause and look back on just a couple of the stories that made their way to us in 2017

The Babocush aims to offer contentment to babies and parents alike; often babies suffer from reflux causing distress that breeds discomfort. When we think of reflux, we naturally think of vomiting or spewing but what of silent reflux?

Unlike acid reflux, silent reflux does not present as clearly with vomiting, but unfortunately it causes similar pain. In fact, because the baby does not pass the acidic build up, the acid passes through their throat on both the way up and the way back down again, meaning it can burn twice as much.

 Jacaeri Priest's son was suffering from silent reflux when she contacted Babocush in August. 

"Our son has both silent reflux and colic and I do everything possible to soothe him, but nothing works for very long. He likes laying on his tummy, but he did not like the fact he was always laying so flat." 

The babocush allowed her baby to lay at the correct angle to help his reflux, and encouraged him to relax under her supervision – then, when he stopped fighting sleep Jacaeri was able to settle for the night.

"It's been such a struggle to get him to fall asleep. Last night it took just 10 minutes on the Babocush!! He was so passed out I was able to move him off the cushion and into his crib where he stayed asleep for 6 hours!"

One of our other happy Mums stated her baby disliked lying stomach-down, but she was concerned about 'flat head syndrome'. 

Suzanne Smyth told us:

"My son had flat head syndrome and didn't like tummy time very much."

But thankfully the Babocush was able to help! 

The Babocush holds your baby in a position that relaxes their airways, allowing them to breathe freely. They can also be positioned at an angle that prevents acid reflux, unlike when they are completely flat. 

For Suzanne's son, the Babocush encouraged him to enjoy tummy time thus building his neck muscles. 

Unfortunately, Babocush could not help with all Suzanne's predicaments, ie lack of hair!!

"...his head is in perfect shape, which is great due to the lack of hair (on the male side) that seems to follow in our family."


As well as great customer updates and experiences, we have also received excellent feedback about our service throughout the year. With the Babocush being available globally, it was very satisfying for us to know that people were receiving their orders on time, and in perfect condition.  

“I ordered one from the UK on Tuesday afternoonand it has just arrived here in Australia lunchtime Friday - amazing service and great tracking from all concerned, I knew where my delivery was at all times.”

Jennifer McEvoy - September

In 2018 we will commit to exceptional service, but we also welcome your stories, photos and videos as we expand the Babocush family. If you haven't already joined, we invite you to  visit our Facebook page and become a part our community. 

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