is the babocush safe for my baby

Is the Babocush Safe For My Baby?

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Your baby’s safety is your paramount concern when considering any products they will come in contact with. The babocush was designed by a mum, who naturally had her own babies safety at the core of her thinking. Kerry’s concerns were not just examined in the design phase however; like any product the babocush faced rigorous testing before going to market. Babocush has always strived to address your concerns and in this post we answer the greatest question of them all; Is it safe to put your baby on the babocush?

Putting Your Baby Into The Babocush

Suitable for babies aged 0-6 months, the babocush straps are adjustable, so you can alter as needed to fit your baby as they grow. You will need to fix the Velcro harness securely when attaching your baby. If your babocush is being attached to a rocker, use the straps at the back and check it is secured before placing your baby on it.  

Some babies will lay on the babocush with their arms spread, seemingly hugging the cushion, others will keep their arms up beside their head - both ways are safe. While on the babocush, your baby is secured by a 5-point harness, and this prevents them from slipping out at any angle. From your baby’s point of view, they are comfortable and feel securely swaddled.  

In this video, the founder of babocush, Kerry Nevins provides a visual step-by-step guide to strapping your baby into the babocush whilst ensuring they are safe, secure and comfortable. The steps are as follows:

  1. Undo the shoulder and waist straps, opening everything out flat on to the cushion.
  2. Gently set your baby on top of the cushion tummy down, making sure that their head is turned to the side. Then check to see that the side straps are positioned slightly below your baby’s underarms.
  3. Take the center strap and position it up on your baby’s back. If the strap is too long and is coming up over your baby’s head, tuck the strap inwards on itself to adjust so that the velcro is always facing outward. After any adjustments, the strap should come up just slightly below your baby’s neck.
  4. Now bring the two side straps across, one after the other. Check to see that you can fit two or three fingers between your baby’s back and the straps to make sure that it is not too tight.
  5. Finally, pull down and attach the shoulder straps to finish securing your baby on to the babocush.

Is The Babocush Safe For My Baby?

It is vital that your baby’s head is facing to one side on the babocush, don’t allow them to sleep on it. Often, parents find that babies settle so easily on their babocush that they can quickly become sleepy – in this case, once they have fully relaxed, take them off the babocush and put them in their Moses basket or crib to sleep safely. The babocush is on the market because it successfully met worldwide safety standards. While some see meeting these standards as the maximum, we sought out further testing to be absolutely certain.

How Do I Attach The Babocush To My Rocker?

The babocush is specially designed so that you can attach it safely and securely onto your baby’s rocker, bouncer or swing. To save yourself some time and avoid any complications attaching the babocush to your rocker, ensure the the straps are very loose to fit around the rocker. When attaching the babocush make sure that it is properly centered on to the rocker so your baby won’t be hanging off at either end. Then clasp the straps around the underneath of the rocker and securely fasten them to suit the size of your rocker. 

How to place a premature baby on the babocush?

Premature babies can be safely and securely strapped onto the babocush using the typical method as previously described. To give your baby that extra bit of comfort and security you can swaddle them in a soft, thin blanket before placing them on to the babocush. Swaddling is an ancient method used to create a sense of calm and security for newborns and it can feel especially soothing for premature babies. With premature babies being at a higher risk of developing colic or reflux, swaddling is a great practice to introduce to your baby’s daily routine to help with these conditions. Swaddling can aid in reducing crying episodes which can aggravate colic and reflux. So, by reducing your baby’s crying by swaddling them you can also reduce colic and reflux symptoms. If you are new to swaddling, be sure to check out our tips on how to swaddle your newborn.

Additional Safety Tests

The babocush was put in front of respiratory experts in the Royal Victoria Hospital to address suffocation concerns. The reports were 100% positive. Experts agreed that the babocush was perfectly safe. While on the cushion, your baby’s in a safe position which promotes keeping airways open.

Further safety testing results showed that the babocush mattress did not sink under pressure, meaning it does not pose a suffocation risk. These independent researchers approved the babocush with good reason. The cushion was not designed overnight, it was subject to tests and took 13 years and multiple prototypes to perfect it.

The Purpose Of The Babocush

The cushion’s purpose is to offer contentment to both parent and baby, not to act as an alternative to a crib or cot. Very often, parents note how quickly their baby settles on the cushion. There are numerous testimonies from parents regarding colicky babies who find peace from its gentle sounds and soft texture. Stories like these prove how much solace newborns can find in the babocush and how much comfort it can bring to a household dealing with a colicky baby. Parents comment on how the babocush frees their hands up for a few minutes and allows them the rare chance to catch their breath. We are proud that it can have such a positive effect but we will always remind people to remain attentive of their relaxing baby.

For any other questions, safety or otherwise, email us directly, visit our FAQ page or find us on Facebook where we have a global community of parents supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

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