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When Do Babies Start Crawling?

When Do Babies Start Crawling?

Babies grow up fast and go through an incredible amount of changes and developmental milestones within the first five years of their life… it can seem like just the other day your baby was able to sit up on their own when suddenly they’re getting ready to crawl!

When Do Babies Start To Crawl?

Most babies learn to crawl between the age six to nine months old. You may notice the first signs of crawling when your baby begins to rock back and forth on their hands and knees. When you see this behaviour, you can expect your baby to start crawling pretty soon… rocking is the foundation for crawling. Your baby may crawl backwards before they manage to master moving forwards and this is pretty common. Typically by nine months, your baby will be crawling like a pro - but if not, there’s no need for concern!

Your baby might be a commando crawler, also known as the belly crawl, pulling themselves across the floor with their arms. It may look awkward and you may have the urge to help your baby out, but leave them to their own devices, they’ll figure it out.

Why Won’t My Baby Crawl?

If your baby hasn’t reached that stage yet, you can still encourage them to try, making sure there’s a safe environment where they can freely practice moving around in all sorts of interesting ways, without injuring themselves. Take it a step further by placing some of their favorite toys just out of reach. This can motivate them to reach for their toy and hopefully make efforts to crawl towards it.

There are all sorts of moves and grooves your baby can get into when practicing crawling. There’s the commando crawl, the bottom scoot, the roll, the classic crawl, the tripod crawl, the bear crawl, the leapfrog and the crab crawl! And you thought crawling was just crawling!

For instance, a commando crawl is another way of saying belly crawl where a baby keeps their belly and legs on the floor whilst pulling themselves along with their arms. A bottom scoot is just what it sounds like; your baby will use his or her bottom to scoot along the floor! The classic crawl is exactly what you imagine when you hear the word “crawl”, where your baby crawls on their hands and knees.

The roll is when your baby rolls from their back to their tummy… and keeps going, repeating the movement again and again and making their way around in this way. This movement is typically a sign that your baby is almost ready to start crawling.

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