Why holding your baby is so important

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Every new parent has heard it all before – ‘Don’t pick him up too often, you’ll spoil him!’, or ‘You’ll be up all night if you keep picking her up’. Well, now you can safely say to these naysayers that this is nonsense! Scientific studies have now proven that this is not the case, and that you can never cuddle your baby too much. This is great news for all new parents who can’t put their baby down; and we’re here to tell you why holding your baby is so important.  

Don’t be afraid to spoil your baby – they aren’t manipulative

Babies can’t comprehend manipulation, so if your little one is crying, chances are they need something. Don’t be afraid to pick your baby up for fear of unsettling them further, as it’s likely that picking them up might stop their fussing entirely.

Kangaroo care is beneficial for both parents and baby

Skin-to-skin contact for extended periods of time, sometimes called Kangaroo Care or Kangaroo Mother Care, is widely recommended by doctors across the world. They recommend that this skin-to-skin contact takes place between 60 minutes to 2 hours every day. This can be performed by either mother or father, and mimics natural bonding between marsupial mothers and babies, who hold their baby close immediately after birth. Simply put baby in a nappy, and a cap if their head is cold, and lay them on mum or dad’s bare chest.

Cuddles help to calm your baby

If your baby is fussing and crying, sometimes all it takes to settle them down is a cuddle from mum or dad. It’s a simple solution to try and stop the tears. Studies have shown that only 10 minutes of cuddling can significantly lower your baby’s stress levels; so, if in doubt, try a cuddle. Lowering baby’s stress levels also leads to better sleep for the baby; something every new parent desires.

It helps with breastfeeding

Studies have shown that babies who were held for more than 50 minutes were 8 times more likely to breastfeed spontaneously. Skin-to-skin contact, alongside breast-feeding, also helps to increase a baby’s immunity to allergies and infections, as well as skin and teething problems. Kangaroo Care has also been shown to increase mum’s milk production – perfect if breast-feeding is the method of choice. So, don’t let any busybodies tell you anything about spoiling your baby. Go right ahead and cuddle your newborn for as long as you like.

However, every new parent needs a little break from cuddling, even if it’s just to grab a cup of tea or eat some dinner. If your little one cries incessantly when you put them down, why not try the unique Babocush comfort cushion? Our innovative cushion hugs babies securely on their front, helping to relieve wind, colic and reflux. In this position, babies do not experience the startle reflex, and they are soothed by gentle vibrations that mimic mum’s heartbeat. This keeps baby relaxed and content, while new parents have a chance to relax. But don’t take our word for it - just check out how Babocush helped to settle Riley's colic and help him relax.

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