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The latest in our blog post safety series addresses a question that we hear quite often from parents – “Can my baby fall out of the Babocush?” The answer is no, and in this post we’ll talk about the different safety features which helps to keep your baby securely strapped into their Babocush comfort cushion, and to assure you that there is absolutely no chance your baby can fall off their Babocush or wriggle out of it.

5 padded straps

The unique design of the Babocush incorporates 5 comfortable cushioned straps, specifically designed to hold your baby snugly in the correct position to keep them safe and secure while they relax on their cushion. There is a strap to go between your baby’s legs and up their back (like putting on a nappy in reverse) and then two thicker straps to cross either side of baby’s back. These are secured in place and then two additional straps criss-cross from baby’s shoulders to keep them tucked in. For an easy way to see how babies should be strapped into their Babocush, just take a look at this short video.

Secure and snug

The straps help to make baby feel like they are being held securely which is the first step in getting them settled, and the second is the position in which they are held. This tummy position mimics the ‘against the chest’ position that all new babies love, and it means that they feel content and calm, and you get use of both your arms back! Most importantly, the position of the baby’s head when they are properly strapped into the harness means that airways are kept open and clear, so there is no risk of your baby turning onto their front and having problems breathing.

Use with a rocker

Many parents choose to use their Babocush cushion along with a bouncer or rocker for a gentle swaying motion to further calm and soothe a fussy baby. The Babocush design has been modified to include an additional two straps securely fastened to the mattress, so that you can secure the cushion to your rocker or bouncer without fear that it will slip off.

Extensive testing

Before we launched the Babocush, we carried out extensive product testing to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child. The tests came back entirely positive – the Babocush will cause no risk of suffocation to your baby and it’s perfectly safe to use for babies up to the age of 6 months. With every purchase we provide additional safety and usage information so you know exactly how to strap your baby in securely and use the Babocush safely. 

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