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Immediately after you become a parent, almost everything is new. Even for those becoming parents for the second, third or tenth time, there is a lot to absorb. You learn words and phrases you have never heard of, things you thought you knew change, simply put, it’s both exciting and overwhelming.

In the midst of all these changes, you want your baby to be content and you may turn to the Babocush. This contentment should be exempt from the confusion of new parenthood – after all, we designed it to help you cope with the demands of a new born baby, so to help we’ve created a brief ‘how to’ guide for new Babocush owners so both you and your baby get the most from it.

First things

Once you order your Babocush in the UK & Ireland, you can expect it to arrive within 2-3 working days, outside those locations it is usually between 3-5 working days. When it arrives, the box will include:

  • Shaped foam mattress
  • Outer fleece cover with harness
  • Quilted mattress protector
  • 3 x speed vibration with heartbeat sounds

The rocker (if you decide to use one with your babocush) and batteries must be ordered separately. Your order will also include the instructions but don’t worry if you misplace them, as they be found here.  

Set up

The Babocush does not come with a rocker, instead it has straps which allow you to attach it securely to your own rocker. Fasten the straps to the rocker before your baby is placed on it and ensure it is secured. Alternatively, you may want to place your Babocush directly on the floor. Avoid placing it on wooden or tiled floor as it may slide. We recommend carpet, a rug or other non-slip surfaces.

Your baby

Often people ask when can they put their baby on the Babocush comfort cushion, and the answer is straightaway. Initially the Babocush was tested for babies between 0-3 months (14 pounds/3.6kg) however, it was later certified safe for babies up to 6 months. The Babocush can be attached to your bouncer or rocker up until your baby is 3 months, and used on the floor until your baby is 6 months old.  

Babocush are also a proud sponsor of the charity Tiny Life, the premature baby charity of Northern Ireland. Tiny Life promote the Babocush amongst their parent groups, which should be a reassuring recommendation for you if you are the parent of a premature baby.  

The sooner you introduce your baby to the Babocush, the better. The Babocush recreates the atmosphere in the womb with a heart-beat sound and gentle vibration. Instead of a harsh transition to the real world for your baby, it is designed to feel like a familiar retreat, which is what helps them to relax and settle so easily on it.

Set down

Place your baby on the Babocush with his/her head pointing to one side. When fastening the straps you may have to fold the middle strap in on itself, depending on your baby’s height. The best way for you to replicate this is by watching our simple how-to video here.  

How long can my baby stay on their Babocush?

Your baby can stay on the Babocush for as long as they are comfortable, however it is not a bed. You can relax while your baby is on the Babocush but do not leave your baby unattended. 

The Babocush is designed to allow you a ‘hands-free’ break, which could mean spending some time with your family or the chance to enjoy a cup of tea in full. The lightweight pillow can even be taken into the bathroom, allowing time for a shower while your baby relaxes. An afternoon spent reading, cooking or spending time with your other family members can be enjoyed knowing your baby is comfortable.


As a new parent we understand you will have lots of questions and your baby’s safety is the pinnacle of your concerns. If you have more questions about the Babocush, visit our FAQ’s, and if your query remains unanswered, email us at

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