Do This To Stop Your Baby Crying From Colic or Reflux

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The discomfort brought on by reflux and colic can have a negative effect on wider family life as well as your baby, and it’s not uncommon to feel helpless when you just can’t seem to soothe your baby’s symptoms and bring them the relief they are desperately craving.

Reflux and colic are very common ailments in new-borns, and both are widely used to describe a myriad of symptoms. The symptoms of reflux are hiccupping, spitting up and vomiting caused by muscle immaturity in new-born babies. As a result, this complaint tends to be resolved naturally as your baby’s digestive system matures.

Similarly, colic presents itself in multiple forms including gaseous build up, bloating and stomach spasms. A colicky baby will often scrunch his/her hands and will extend their legs in a stifled manner while passing gas. The most obvious sign of colic induced discomfort is undoubtedly the prolonged crying episodes, which can last for up to 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days a week over a period of several weeks – sounds exhausting, and it is – for everyone. The crying itself tends to be exaggerated and inconsolable, naturally the frustration spreads throughout the home.

While colic can’t be completely prevented, here are a few things you can try to help your baby feel more comfortable:


During feeding your baby should be in an upright position (whether you are bottle feeding or breast feeding) to avoid swallowing more air, and after feeding you should wind or burp them to release this trapped air and reduce any discomfort. Your doctor might recommend that you try to feed them smaller amounts spread out as opposed to less frequent larger feeds.


Some baby experts have suggested that you can relieve colicky symptoms by avoiding over-stimulation, so dim the lights and reduce noise wherever possible. Try to soothe your baby with movement such as gentle vibration (for example by taking a trip out in the car) or with white noise, for example by placing your baby in a seat in the kitchen when the washing machine is on. Gently massaging your baby’s tummy in a clockwise motion can help relieve symptoms of wind or gas too.


The Babocush has been designed specifically to reduce and even prevent crying from colic due to its innovative design. We took the best advice and tried and tested tips on reducing the symptoms from colic and combined them into this unique baby comfort cushion. Some of the clever design features include:

  • Holding your baby at the right angle on their tummy to bring up wind or trapped gas after a feed
  • Having a gentle, soothing heartbeat vibration
  • Allowing airways to relax
  • Mimicking the over-the shoulder position which babies love
  • Also includes an adjustable incline to ensure your baby stays in the right position to prevent reflux

The Babocush isn’t just about your baby though. We know just how exhausting it can be to have a baby cry constantly, and how draining this can be on you too. So, the Babocush is ideal for giving you back some ‘mummy time’ too.

The Babocush has been used by many parents with babies suffering from colic and reflux, with amazing results – just take a look at this video showing how quickly your baby could settle on their new Babocush.

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