Do You Question The Safety Of A Babocush? Here's Why You Shouldn't

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At babocush, our mission statement is simple; ‘absolute contentment for unsettled babies’. To offer absolute contentment to the parents of those babies, we answer all the important questions regarding our product. The number one concern for parents is of course safety, and in the below post we look at the sterling safety record of this comfort cushion and its overall design.

Modern times

In today’s world, no product goes on the market without first facing up to multiple safety tests and the babocush is no different. Products which are designed for babies naturally undergo some of the most rigorous testing before they go to market. The tests cover everything from fire retardation, strength under pressure and electrical safety tests. All of these technical demands may seem a world away from the simple and effective product designed by our founder, but they are essential.

Firstly, the babocush is much smarter than what meets the eye - this is no ordinary cushion. As well as the gentle exterior and safety straps the cushion also as some clever tech inside. The cushion features a heartbeat simulator, designed to recreate the sounds of the womb to comfort and relax your baby. Consistent heartbeat sounds settle healthy, happy babies and those suffering from colic or digestive agitations.

How was the babocush safety tested?

The babocush was tested to meet UK, European and US safety standards to name but a few. The cushion itself even underwent a special surface test in Australia to test how it holds firm under pressure. This particular test involved mechanically pressing down on the cushion to see if would sink or soften. The motivation for the test was to prove how a baby would not be at risk of SIDS or suffocation when on the cushion. The conclusion was that the cushion did not pose a risk to children between the ages of 0-6 months.

Other tests passed the material used to make the cushion, the straps securely holding your baby in place and even the effect of the cushion on respiratory systems. Babocush founder Kerry Nevins had the cushion specially tested in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast and experts concurred that it opened up airways and relieved pressure.  

Safety First and Last

As a company, babocush have always addressed concerns around SIDS and always made it clear that the cushion is not designed for sleeping.  For more indepth coverage on the issue, read our purpose written blog on the topic of SIDs and safety.

In terms of other conditions that affect babies, the cushion is deemed to have positive effect on colic, flat head syndrome and reflux. For more info on babocush or to see if other parents have shared your concerns, read our FAQs here. The babocush help centre is designed to answer your questions because we believe in having transparent and positive relations with our customers.

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